The next vacation countdown

I'm ready to start a vacation countdown. That can be dangerous, but I'm more than ready. Rakia and I started making our non-plans tonight. We're going to try to fly by the seat of our pants which may be pretty literal.

The first thing taken care of was the passport. Yea, I have it!

Now, I have graciously received some flight passes. Hurray! We'll be flying stand-by and will likely have to make some stops, but we have passes. As Rakia says, that's going to be part of the adventure. Of course, that means we may end up in Florida instead of Seattle, but hey, we're going somewhere!

The only thing plan to plan is going to see the Rangers play the Mariners at Safeco Field. This could change. At this very moment, the Rangers are being slaughtered 21-8 by the Mariners in Arlington. This could get me on a rant of what the heck happened to the Rangers pitching. The month of May has been brutal, but that is beside the point. (Tonight I turned on the TV when the score was 8-0 and turned it off unable to handle the truth. The next time I checked, it was 16-0.)

We know we want to go to the original Starbucks and to Voodoo Donuts. Rakia would like to see the University of Washington campus to say she has. I can accept that because it's not a cemetery, and I can be accommodating. As I have proven before, I've been stranger places. And for goodness sake, I drove all around Norman, OK trying to find the OU football stadium so that she and Courtney could spit on it.

In other news, my dad has started his, "you need to start thinking about somewhere to go in October. Can you go in October? We aren't going to go really go anywhere if you aren't going though."

This frightens me greatly. You realize this, right?