Reading just makes me want to go on vacation

I planned to sit around and read today. Instead, I sat around and did other things like watch the Rangers game, crochet and take a nap.


Besides, reading just makes me want to go on a trip somewhere right now. Somewhere different. My last trip was to that forsaken place, you know, last October - my last week off.

I did have part of a day of site seeing when I went on a business trip last July to Atlanta, but I'd seen that part of the sites before too. Goodness knows that was an "all work and no play" trip.

For some reason, coincidence I guess, I'm learning about Mackinac Island. I've been reading Cara Putman's A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island. Then this week, I wrote a press kit for another book coming out in a couple of months - Love Finds You in Mackinac Island, Michigan by Melanie Dobson. I read through her info on the island as I worked on the press kit.

While I know it must be beautiful, I'm not sure that I really want to visit Michigan right now. Though it has me geared up to vacation.

In other news, my Seattle travel guide came in the mail today. I haven't really gone through it and the Vancouver one sitting on my coffee table yet. Maybe I'm scared that if I start planning, I'll get obsessed like my dad when he plans vacations and drive myself nuts for two months.

On the other hand, maybe a little planning wouldn't hurt.

My friend and I are planning on going to a game at Safeco Field. The Rangers will be in town. I'm planning on taking a Rangers shirt and my friend is going to have to plan to buy one before we go.

Nah! Planning is overrated, right? As long as I have my passport...