C'mon over and catch the freak show

In case you haven't heard, the new season of Sister Wives is starting Sunday night. As was expected of me, I'm having people over for a watching party. If you're interested in watching what amounts to a freak show, come on over! 

Since it's Mother's Day, and plans are in the air for some people (meaning I don't know who all to expect), just pick up something to eat on your way over. Yeah, bad hostessing on my part.

The Brown family also has a new book out. I'm really that curious enough that I really kind of want to read it. What's stopping me is the stacks of books all over my house that have not been read yet. Why buy another when I have piles?

I've read the reviews of Becoming Sister Wives on Amazon, and they point to the book being terrible and not saying much that we didn't already know. Despite how happy they say they are, early readers say they are all depressed. 

The thought crossed my mind to track down the publicist at Gallery Books for a copy. Goodness knows I'd comment on it enough to get attention for the book. But I hate how I'm sometimes bloggers personal Amazon.com. "Do you have this book?" I know you all expect me to end up with it since I somehow seem to be the Sister Wives expert. (Who knows why?!)