Finales and cancellations

I want the networks to tell me why, realistically, truly why half of the shows can't air January-June and the other half July-December. In my mind, then more shows would make it. Starting this week, and next week for sure, there's going to be nothing on TV but the Rangers, and they are going to have to get their act together if that's it.

Other than people wanting to hear my take on Grey's Anatomy, I received no other requests for my takes on finales.

The runner-up to the most terrible ending, in my opinion was NCIS. I firmly believe that Ducky died.

I was backed up three episodes on the DVR, and started each one about three different times whether in the morning while getting ready, at lunch, or at night. The three episodes kind of ran together, so I can't tell you which of the last three episodes it was that Ducky went to Gibbs asking him to be executor of his estate. I'm telling you, that wasn't to have us think Ducky was dead. Ducky is dead.

As a child, did you ever play "Inky Dinky Donkey"? It's sort of like Eenie, meanie, miney, moe... Anyway, much like the end of that. Ducky died, Audra cried, Inky Dinky Ducky.

Another disappointment to me is that they can somehow call 7 episodes of Scandal a season. That sure is cheap! And I want to know who Quinn is!

I know it's a Shonda Rhimes thing and she likes her certain actors, but does it slightly annoy anyone except for me that Thatcher Grey is the right hand man (Cyrus) that has a heck of a lot more spine than Thatcher. And Ellis Grey is now the Vice President, and a really wainchy Bible thumper that would make anyone not like Christians? That gets me too. I hate her accent on top of it all. (Where will dead Lexie Grey end up?)

Speaking of the Shonda Rhimes family of programs, I don't care who Addison picks on Private Practice, but I sure think the Amelia's brainless baby line was said. And uncalled for. I know she was on Oxy, not crack, but having a "crack baby" storyline would have made a whole lot more sense.

And now onto the cancelled shows...

Missing has already come and gone. I kind of wondered where they were going to go with that show. Was the ex-CIA agent's sun going to be missing for seasons on end? No. Once they find him, she goes missing. Everyone else must have thought the same thing since it only made it 10 episodes.

I actually like Harry's Law even though critics talked about it being an old folks show. I'm going to have to catch the finale if they ever re-air it. I had too many things going on at the same time that night. Survivor finale, Sister Wives premiere... If I hadn't had the party, I would have recorded Survivor and Harry's Law. Sister Wives came on goodness knows how many times after that, as did Army Wives. I ended up having to watch the Desperate Housewives finale online. All the wives shows came on at the same time!

But my biggest, saddest thing is that The Firm was cancelled. I really liked that show. It was amped up law drama. Even though, I must say... this right here was my big reason to tune in to the show to begin with. See why I'm so upset?

(Photo snatched from a wallpaper someone posted. I did not make the love note myself.)



I kinda wonder why seasons can't just go all the way through the summer. I mean as many breaks as Grey's took this year they almost lost me (did there for a few weeks) and the whole switching days/times in the middle of a season? Not cool. And besides with TiVo and Hulu and all that jazz who cares if someone is out of town for the summer?!

The brainless baby thing on Private Practice. I bawled like a baby. BAWLED. I am slightly impressed when a show/book can make me cry like that since I'm normally not the crying type (although lately... I'm blaming it on lack of sleep because I really don't think that everyone has upped their game that much).

As for all the other cancelled shows I haven't even heard of most of them. Course then again I have exactly 2 channels. CBS (sometimes) and ABC and since my husband and his friend steals the tv most nights to kill zombies I'm stuck to watching stuff on hulu the day after anyways. :)