I actually approve of a Yankee

I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. Yet, I said them. Obviously, this has nothing to do with baseball. I would never say that in reference to the you know what's that play at Yankee stadium.

I mentioned last night that I was going to try to go to Jenny's Occupational Therapy pinning just to meet "the Yankee." Well, I did. I think that's the main reason why four of her closest friends came to this ceremony. To meet "the Yankee."

Tomorrow, I will expand more on the fact that all of us had to ask Jenny his actual name so that we would know it.

Everyone there knows that blog posts will follow. However, Paige is over, and we shall spend some quality time together - me blogging doesn't count.

I will say, the thing that bugs me the most about him is that he is a Yankees fan. The most hated team in baseball. Blech. Yuck.