Jenny's slug and my almost heart attack

Jenny has a slug. No, that's not code for another boyfriend. At least I don't think so. Her text message said, "I have a nasty slug living in my water heater closet."

Of course, I could be naive. Nah. I don't think so. At least not about that.

In our text conversation, she told me she had a slug. I told her I needed to blog. She told me to mention her slug. So, there. Jenny, this blog is dedicated to you.

Goodness knows I don't know what else I planned to blog about. I'm kind of in a funk to tell you the truth.

Sudden change in subject. As I was typing this blog, I looked over at my phone and it was showing a new number on the Caller ID. I hit it to see who it was. What I see is **** ***** = the Timmy the Fly residence. I freaked out.

I call "Rebekah" in utter panic. She assures me that it was his mom calling to ask people to bring snacks to a church gathering and that Timmy the Fly would have called from his cell.

Good to know. I was greatly concerned there for a minute. I thought he forgot that I was not his type. Either that or he was going to ask me why "Rebekah" won't answer his texts and if he did something wrong.

Oh, he doesn't want to do that because I would give him a frightfully honest answer.

In other news, I HAVE to give this blog a face lift. If not tonight, soon. I clicked on the Facebook feed of someone I know. His blog has the same background and the same font. Yet, he's never visited Seriously?. (GASP!) If he decided to read tonight, he certainly is missing a good post.

Just because I now feel the blog lacks any originality, I'm going to make a change. I was trying to upload a new photo for a background over the weekend, but my file was too big. I'll just try it again. So, hopefully the next time you visit, you won't recognize us.