So not a match and Grey's Anatomy angst

Tonight is a softball night, and I'd probably forget to blog when I got home if I don't make a quick post now. The teaser to tomorrow's blog is "The kind of guy that I attract."

I have you hooked, don't I?

This weekend, I will also be blogging about the number of things wrong with the Grey's Anatomy season finale.

So, if you have any comments about bad matches (fix-ups, online profile matches or blind dates), post them here because I want to hear them.

Also, post your gripes about season finales that just made you made when they ended. I'm open to talk about more than just Grey's Anatomy. Or what show isn't coming back that you are going to miss?

I promise to talk about it all this weekend!


I have had some of the WORST dates (before I got married). And the worst part was that friends (!!!) set me up on a bunch of blind dates. One guy slammed a door in my face as we were walking into a store. Another time I went on a double date with a friend; my date got in the front seat with the other guy. A friend set me up with a guy from her church for a formal in college and he ended up smoking pot outside the whole time. And I actually started dating a guy once and then found out he had another girlfriend, at another college, and her friends called and cussed me out. Ummm ... I didn't realize how bad all of that was until I wrote it all out here. :)
Oh ... and Grey's ... don't even get me started!
Audra Jennings said…
Uh, yeah, that really sounds bad Brooke. Mine is not bad compared to any of them.