The Grand Inquisition

Alright, now on to the Grand Inquisition of the Yankee at Applebee's on Saturday night.

Ginger's role was to ask the obscure questions, including the questions to see what he actually knew about Jenny. What instrument did she play in the band in high school? Things like that.

"Asian CrossFit Beast" had the role of threatening the poor guy with his life. "I know how to make people disappear." I think of the big brother type roll, but since as Jenny put it, her brother "had to go build his robot," so he wasn't around to threaten. Honestly, I'm much more fearful of "Asian CrossFit Beast" than I am Jenny's brother.

Ziva, well, I think Yankee feared Ziva most of all. Knowing her background of investigating for the Attorney General's office, he wanted to make sure he could look her in the eye and gauge her reaction to all that was said.

Me, well, I think I can honestly say I was pretty much just an observer. I don't think Jenny would have ever pegged me as her "quiet friend", but I sort of really was. Even her dad had commented that I was not my loud self. There was a time where Yankee said I looked like a cat trying to swallow a mouse because I wanted to say something, but I don't really know what it was about.

When the Beast asked how his house was decorated and if he had any afghans on the back of the couch, I did volunteer to crochet him one (my only real talent these days), but he actually doesn't have a couch - but he does have two matching chairs. He claims to be a minimalist and admits he has no talent at decorating a home. I did assure him we didn't want him to be one of those guys with that kind of talent dating Jenny.

Of course that question from the Beast was between threats of "people who hurt Jenny go missing."

I did tell him he got major points and a high five in my book for not knowing which character was more attractive from Lord of the Rings. He said he was not into those kinds of movies/books. Hallelujah.

He did admit to being a Trekkie. I told him that meant he would get along with Jenny's mom. He really didn't believe me when I told him that.

I think the most important question of the evening did come from Ginger, "do you eat bacon?"

Jenny loves bacon. You cannot separate her from her bacon.

After a tense moment, the answer came. "Yes, I'm not kosher. But Jenny did not know this until she served me something with bacon."

(Jenny and I were chatting earlier how we do need a copy of Judaism for Dummies since she hasn't been able to live the bacon thing down.)

All in all, he's made it past the three month mark and passed the Meet the Friends test.

Let's see if Jenny starts using his name around us. That would be H-U-G-E.

Here's a terrible picture of me that Jenny was able to upload to Facebook. Someone was telling me to pinch Jenny, and I was looking at a camera around Asian CrossFit Beast's head.

Jenny only has short friends.

Here it looks like Jenny has a small head. I just had to rub that in. ;)