Some people should not get married

A couple of days ago, I saw two things online regarding people getting married that left me shaking my head. People never cease to amaze me.

The first of the two bumfuzzling instances regarded a Facebook friend who is actually an acquaintance. A contact I have worked with in the past. I've actually met this person, and she is quite the character. I won't go into all the details as to why she is such a character. All of that is really beside the point.

Anyway, her post that caught my eye was, "I'm going to be a June bride!" Curious, I clicked on her profile, and she is marrying a partner in her ministry who I've also met. I thought, "Alrighty then. Makes sense. Opposite personalities from what I've seen. I bet he sits there and says, 'yes, dear' to whatever she says." Another one of her comments was something like, "In June, I'll be changing my name for the last time." This leads me to believe this is not her first marriage which is not surprising as I would put the two of them in the 55-65 age category.

I went on to click on their wedding website which had a line that would send Miss Manners, Emily Post, Dear Abby and Ann Landers into a conniption fit. "Make sure to visit the registry. ******* and I will be starting our new life in a new home, so we are not taking any previously owned items with us."

Wow! As in SERIOUSLY? Is that literal?

If I were to get married tomorrow, I wouldn't really want nor need a bridal shower or to register because I have all the household necessities. I would imagine the guy I would marry would have a few things himself, even if he was living in a sparse bachelor pad (perhaps like the Yankee who has not afghan or a couch to put it on). Back in the day, showers and registries were intended for people who were setting up their first household, who needed those items.

Sure, I need some new pillows that aren't so flat (in fact, I may have to invest in some tomorrow). I could use some new towels that aren't so worn out. However, I have a hard time even coming up with things for my family to buy me for my birthday and Christmas because I have what I need. If my toaster went out tomorrow, I'd go buy a new toaster. I'm an adult and can go do that.

I may never have a set of silverware that's not stainless steel to replace the full set that was my Grandmother's at one time (it wasn't a sentimental set) that I got when I went off to college. (Wait - not a good example because I do have my great-grandmother's set that I've not had an occasion special enough to use it.) And I may break down and buy the plum Fiesta set that I want, but that's ok.

Going back, if I were getting married tomorrow, most people would not frown upon me registering for gifts even though my fiance and I would not be a "young couple". (I'm quite aware of people who register for second marriages, but I just find that ridiculous and greedy.) Even if I did, I wouldn't expect a lot of gifts, especially in this economy, much less expect gifts to completely furnish a home. And especially if it weren't my first rodeo!

Not any previously owned items? Is that really necessary in order to start a new life with a spouse?

The same day I saw this, I saw that Anderson Cooper was going to have a woman on his show that married herself. Really? Why?

I saw this on Twitter, and went to the show site where they had this description:

"Would you marry yourself? In a daytime exclusive, meet Nadine, a woman making headlines because she said goodbye to romantic relationships with others and instead said "I do" and married herself.

"Find out why Nadine threw a commitment ceremony for herself and why she goes on "date nights" alone. Is this an expression of healthy self-love, or a cry for help? Plus, no matter your relationship status, learn top ways to find happiness for yourself!"

She must have watched that stupid Lifetime produced movie that I've seen where the woman decided to marry herself to prove that she didn't need a man, then found a man about that time and married him. Except this woman hasn't found a man.

I live with myself, work with myself, argue with myself, talk to myself, and make myself crazy. Maybe I'm in a committed relationship with myself, but I don't need to marry myself. Maybe that just sounded like some guy afraid of commitment who says he doesn't need a piece of paper... But really? I honestly don't like myself enough to marry me. I deserve better!

I didn't record and watch the show, so I don't know how far this goes other than this preview below.

What I want to know is did she register when she married herself so that she can get some new pillows and towels? If that is indeed the case, maybe I should reconsider and plan a date. I don't need much preparation, so I too could be a June bride.