I have a to do problem.

I haven't forgotten the stack of books that I said I was going to review, including what promises to be a funny video review if I ever get around to it. My best intentions aside, I have a to-do problem.

I know that it can't be just me, but does life ever seem like one big fat to-do list? Maybe it's just the OCD in me, but every seems to fall under, have to do, need to do, should do, want to do, or don't have time to do until it gets to the point that I just don't want to do anything.

And let's just say, I've come to the don't want to do. I have needed to clean my house for a while now until it finally got to a point that I had to do it or I really was going to have a bug problem. It's all well and good that my house is straight enough that it seems clean enough, but the layer of dust and dirt on the floors was getting to me. Most of the time straight is good for me, as long as I'm ok with it seeing as I'm the only one who lives here. But if anyone were to come by my house, namely my dad, for example, I can hear the speech now. (He has 3 days left until retirement - if he gets bored, he has my permission to really scrub down my house). Yesterday, I did get the cleaning my house checked off of my list. Well for the most part. There's still a couple of things I can't put in the dishwasher that I need to tend to. And the laundry basket sitting in the kitchen. And the clothes on my bed that I move to the couch every night so I can sleep - and move back to the bed when I get dressed in the morning.

Then, there's the baby blanket I've been working on crocheting that's sitting in the basket next to my chaise. It's a good thing 107 degrees outside and the baby who was born a few weeks ago will not need said blanket for a while. I would, however, like to get it done before the child goes to kindergarten.

Oh, and I bought some scrapbook supplies that have been sitting on my table for a month - with photos I finally printed from early April. I'd really like to do that.

VBS is in three weeks, and while I'm not prepping hundreds of crafts this year like I usually do. But, it would help if I read the materials and got the craft stuff together that we are doing this year. I ended up volunteering for being in the skit. Well, actually, I was asked and said yes since I had been saying no a lot. Three days of script to memorize - thankfully not many lines on a couple of the days.

It seems as if everything lately has become a task. Some things I probably should do get delegated to the "I don't have to" list because I just can't bring myself to getting something else done.

Shoot. I just remembered something else I was going to do today, but I can actually do that tomorrow when I get home.

In part, many of the home to-dos have been pushed aside by work to-dos. There's no need in going into that.

How does one get past all this to-do list mess? My brain doesn't turn off. I to-do in my dreams. And in my dreams I never get it all done either. It all gives me a headache. I have one right now. One thing I will do is go get some Advil.

So, for tonight, dear readers, I bid you good night. Hopefully, I will get around to the funny video this week. I hope.