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The pressure of being a teenager can be overwhelming. School, sports, jobs, and relationships all press in at the same time. But the hardest thing can be feeling alone, that you have no one to share your most difficult problems with. In The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School, thirty authors from many different backgrounds come together to say, “We get it—and Jesus gets it too. Here’s who Jesus is and how he wants to meet you in this intense time.” 

Hear from authors such as Scott Sauls, Sandra McCracken, Michelle Reyes, Jen Pollock Michel, David Zahl, and others as they share firsthand stories of bullying, eating disorders, pregnancy, addiction, racism, family conflict, expectations, and the intense pressure to achieve. See how their encounters with Jesus brought healing, rest, and purpose to their lives and hear what they wish they knew earlier: when you know Jesus, you know what it’s like to be perfectly loved and accepted, have hope for the future, and experience grace and mercy when you mess up.  

Edited by Cameron Cole and Charlotte Getz of Rooted Ministry, The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School, will help you discover the love, freedom, affection, and acceptance we all so desperately long for—in Jesus.  

Releases 9/21/21.

What Others Are Saying

“The first time I grasped the truth and power of the gospel was when I saw unexpected joy in my teenage peers. I wanted to know this Jesus who seemed so different, so alive compared to the stained-glass version I saw from the back of my church. I’m so grateful that another generation of youth will come to know this risen Christ through the testimonies of this creative and welcome book.”
~ Collin Hansen, Vice President of content and editor in chief of The Gospel Coalition; host of the Gospelbound podcast

“It’s been said that ‘wisdom comes from experience.’ I know that to be true, as over the course of my life I’ve learned to listen and learn from those who have gone before me who desired to faithfully follow Jesus. The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School is packed with words of wisdom that have been born out of the experience of those who, like you and me, have desired to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Read and treasure these words from my friends. They understand what you’re going through. Even more, they offer biblically faithful advice on how to get through it.”
~ Walt Mueller, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

“I want all young people to understand who Jesus is and how Jesus can change their life. This book strips away some of the (often well-intentioned) myths young people have absorbed about Jesus and keeps them ruthlessly focused on the true Jesus. The true Jesus is always compelling.”
~ Kara Powell, Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, Chief of Leadership Formation; coauthor of 3 Big Questions That Change Every Teenager

About the Editors

Cameron Cole is the Director of Children, Youth, and Family at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, AL. He is the founding chairman of Rooted Ministry, the editor of Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry: A Practical Guide, the coeditor of The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School, and author of Therefore I Have Hope: 12 Truths That Comfort, Sustain, and Redeem in Tragedy

Charlotte Getz is the Director of Publishing Projects at Rooted Ministry. She is the coauthor of Unmapped: How Two Women Lost at Sea Found Their Way Home and coeditor of The Jesus I Wish I Knew in High School. Charlotte has a BA in Creative Writing from Pepperdine University, an MFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently lives with her family in Birmingham, AL. 

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