Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Survivor: Winners at War: Pay attention to who you are talking to

This week it only took me until Saturday night to watch and write up a post. I was going to do it last night, but I got to dozing while trying to finish off part two of last week.

I told everyone last week that I was behind on everything these days and that it would be random each week with when I got to post.

So we ended last week with Amber getting voted off, bequeathing her fire token to Rob and heading off to Edge of Extinction.

Amber says she would be super depressed if it weren't for EoE because she didn't come all the way out here to go home this early on. She's not done. The game is still going for her.

It looks like she and Natalie might freeze to death on EoE though. They look really cold. (And now I need to go turn up my heat.)

The morning after tribal, Rob finds a fire token in his bag. He knows this isn't good. It was hard for the two of them to leave their four kids at home, so he knows that is weighing on her. He doesn't know for sure that Amber was taken out first, but he doesn't know who else he would have gotten a token from. The other option in his mind was Sandra. They just spent 36 days together as mentors.

He has nooooooo clue that Sandra is out for blood. His blood.

Ben decides he needs to up his social game by teaching people how to find idols. It works. Denise finds the immunity idol. The idol they find is a double idol. She has to give the other half to someone by sundown, and it only works when used together. Instead of Ben trying to get her to share it with him, they try to draw someone in with them. Denise goes to Adam and tells him. She doesn't plan to give it to him either. She asks him about giving half to Parvati. Like Adam, I ask, "WHY?"

Adam does convince Denise (for the moment) to give him half, but she says something about him giving it back when asked.

Meanwhile on the other beach, Yule is trying to figure out how to get fruit out of trees with Kim. Kim wanders off to go idol hunting since she is on the bottom.

She finds the same kind of immunity idol that Denise did. She barely covers her tracks when Nick and Tony wander up on her. She plays it off as looking for firewood. She recruits Sophie to gather wood with her, and tells her about the idols. They hide idol and head back to camp with the wood.

Sophie thinks Kim just made a huge mistake telling her. They haven't worked together before, and evidently, even with this gift, doesn't plan to. Sophie thinks Kim should have invited Tyson to go gather wood. Of course, Kim doesn't know she's sought after an enemy.

Out on Edge of Extinction, Amber and Natalie read a new clue they have to figure. Natalie knows that there's going to be bartering involved. They basically scour the entire island. They don't think they've found anything and kind of give up for the day. That's until Natalie looks down in the well. It's an advantage she has to sell to someone for a fire token.

She sends the message to Jeremy. The advantage is that the person can leave tribal without voting, yet at the same time, they can't be voted out either. He's going to send the fire token back to Natalie. He's realized that using fire tokens to buy tarps isn't what it's really all about.

Tony and the red team build a ladder to try to get up in a tree. Everyone, especially Tyson, thinks he's nuts and going to fall to his death. As the ladder starts to fall apart with the first step, everyone laughs at him. Tony swears he designed it loosey goosey on purpose. He gets the fruit, so maybe he does know what he's doing.

Sarah is trying to keep her distance from Tony so everyone doesn't think they are in kahoots. Tony promises the "Cops R Us" alliance is going to actually be an alliance this time.

When everyone gathers on Day 6 for a reward and immunity challenge, Rob's fears about Amber are confirmed. Everyone on his team looks to Rob. Jeff asks Rob if that was a move towards him since they are a couple. Steam almost comes out of Rob's nose and ears.

Today's challenge involves a cart, and a chest of puzzle pieces. They have to move the cart and chest through a series of obstacles before building the puzzle. The winner gets a Survivor Spice Kit.

The teams get three sets of keys and chests at an even pace. Each team has seven participating and two watching to do the puzzle at the end. The red team has Sandra and Sophie watching. The blue team has Rob and Denise waiting in the wings. It takes the blue team longer to get their card back together and back on the course, so they are behind by the time they get to the puzzle.

Sandra and Sophie have a head start and have almost a fourth of the puzzle done. Rob and Denise make up quite a bit of time though and even things back up. S&S go after the next set of pieces while Rob and Denise are intentional about dividing out and organizing pieces. Rob may have led them astray. S&S pull way ahead.

Rob screwed up, and he knows it. Ethan at one points sits down, defeated. Parvati knows that the old school people are outnumbered by the new, so one of the newer players has to go. It's time to go back to camp and decide who.

Ethan tells Rob to his face he sucked today. He laughed after. Rob feels secure in his relationships. Jeremy and Ben are on his hit list. He talks to Parvati and Ethan in view of Danni and others. Danni thinks she may be targeted since she's being left out. She shares this concern with Ethan and Ben. Danni tells Ethan she is isn't sure what's going on with Parvati and her conversation with Rob was short. Ethan asks Danni if she realizes that she's talking in front of Ben because that kind of ruins thing.

Ben tries to bring Ethan, Jeremy and Adam together. Danni tries to get Rob to team up against Parvati. Rob agrees, but you know that's a lie.

Adam is psyched because the old school are turning on each other. He's all about Rob's new idea of voting Danni out.

Are you following? Parvati hears about Danni's plan and is on board to get Danni out.

Everyone starts scrambling. Adam, Michelle and Jeremy decide they can blindside Parvati.

When they arrive at Tribal, Adam can't even get his torch in the rack. Ben has to help him.

Off the bat, when discussion starts, Rob talks about his wife being sent to Extinction. Jeff asks Ethan about the challenges of an old school player. Michelle says that reading people is hard now matter how long ago you played.

The whole old school vs. new school discussion comes up, and Ben tries to explain all things going on. Ben says Ethan, Rob and Parvati have been running around all day talking to everyone. They pointed out so has Ben. So has everyone. Discussions between everyone have taken place.

Rob leans over to start talking to Jeremy. Parvati and Rob talk, Parvati and Danni, Rob and Ethan, conversations between all sorts of pairs come up.

Ben is still talking and yammering on. Ben brings up the word idols. He says he isn't looking for idols, but can help people look for idols.

Rob asks who has idols. "Let's find out who has idols." Rob reaches for his bag and goes through it. Everyone pulls open their bags and empty them out. Denise is very careful to hide hers. Cameras pan to her trying to be discreet.

I'm really not sure how this is going to shake out.

Jeff gets the votes, says his line about if anyone has an idol and wants to play it, this is the time to do so. No one pulls out an idol.


That's enough. Three votes were unread.

Jeremy and Adam look confused.

Danni takes out her fire token and puts it in Denise's box. Off to Extinction she goes.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Win a copy of Ishmael Covenant

Over the next couple of weeks, my blog team is touring Ishmael Covenant, the first in the Empires of Armageddon series by award-winning author Terry Brennan (now available from Kregel Publications). 

Learn more about the book and author below. Then, scroll down and enter the giveaway to get a copy of your own!

 About the book:

His marriage in tatters and his career ruined by lies, Diplomatic Security Service agent Brian Mullaney is at the end of his rope. Banished to Israel as punishment by his agency, he's assigned to guard a US ambassador and an insignificant box. Little does he know that this new job will propel him straight into a crisis of global proportions.

Inside the box is a messianic prophecy about the fate of the world. And a dark enemy known as The Turk and the forces of evil at his command are determined to destroy the box, the prophecy, and the Middle East as we know it. When Ambassador Cleveland gets in the way, his life and his daughter's life are threatened--and Mullaney must act fast.

Now agents of three ancient empires have launched covert operations to secure nuclear weapons, in direct defiance of the startling peace treaty Israel and its Arab neighbors have signed. And a traitor in the US State Department is leaking critical information to a foreign power. It's up to Mullaney--still struggling with his own broken future--to protect the embassy staff, thwart the clandestine conspiracies, and unmask a traitor--before the desert is turned into a radioactive wasteland.

Fans of Joel C. Rosenberg, Steven James, and Ted Dekker will relish the deadly whirlpool of international intrigue and end-times prophecy in Ishmael Covenant--and will eagerly await the rest of this new trilogy.

Read an excerpt!

About the author:

Terry Brennan is the award-winning author of The Sacred Cipher, The Brotherhood Conspiracy, and The Aleppo Code, the three books in The Jerusalem Prophecies series. His latest release, Ishmael Covenant is the first in his new series, Empires of Armageddon.

A Pulitzer Prize is one of the many awards Brennan accumulated during his 22-year newspaper career. The Pottstown (PA) Mercury won the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing for a two-year series published while he led the team as the newspaper’s Editor.

Starting out as a sportswriter in Philadelphia, Brennan became an editor and publisher for newspapers in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New York and later moved to the corporate staff of Ingersoll Publications (400 newspapers in the U.S., Ireland and England) as Executive Editor of all U.S. newspaper titles.

In 1996, Brennan transitioned into the nonprofit sector, spending 12 years as VP Operations for The Bowery Mission and six years as Chief Administrative Officer for Care for the Homeless,  both in New York City.

Terry and his wife, Andrea, now live in Danbury, CT.

More on Brennan can be found at He is also on Facebook (Terry Brennan) and Twitter (@terrbrennan1).

Monday, February 17, 2020

The Bachelor: Peter: Week 7: The hometowns

Here we are again. Another Monday rushing our way through to get to The Bachelor. Let's just jump in, shall we.

Peter has selected his final four, and he's bound to screw all this up in fast order. If the previews of the episode are remotely accurate, there is going to be a lot of tears.

It's time to leave Lima and head off to small town America to meet the families.

First up is Hannah Ann in Knoxville, TN.

Hannah Ann believes Peter is right for her because, oh heck, she went on about forgetting something or being in the moment. I don't even want to back it up to tell you what inane thing she said. Her dad is a forester, so one of the things to get on his good side is for Peter to prove he is a strong man. Ranger Rick thinks Hannah Ann needs a tough man. That means axe throwing, evidently. With a large audience, both embarrass themselves by bouncing axes off of the target.

Because Hannah Ann wrote him a letter, it inspired him to write her a letter about what he loves about her. It seems every dress she has worn has a name. He sees a future for the two of them, the clumsy two.

Let me just throw in there was just a commercial for The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart, and I promise you right now that I will not be recapping it.

Hannah Ann's family thinks Ranger Rick would have enjoyed the axe throwing. Ranger Rick is not convincing when he says it is exciting for Hannah Ann to bring Peter home. It's going to be hard to convince him that Peter is not just a "flash in the pan."

They skip dinner. At least there is no conversation over dinner unless I missed something. Hannah Ann's sister takes her off to talk first. They cry over happiness and how happy sister is that Hannah Ann is happy because she's never seen Hannah this happy before. Follow?

Mom asks Peter where they are right now. She's going to be a supportive mom as long as Hannah Ann is happy. However, Ranger Rick is another story. Hannah Ann is the oldest daughter, and he's going to be especially protective.

Ranger Rick tells Peter that he presents himself well, but there are still other ladies involve. With that fact, how is he with HA compared to the others? He's mumbling vague, but says he hopes to tell HA tonight that he is falling in love with her. RR wasn't expecting Pilot Pete to say that. RR warns PP not to say those words unless he means it.

He does tell her. Hannah Ann reciprocates that she is in love with him. He gets in the car to leave and HA stands outside in the rain.

Next up is a visit to Des Moines, IA to meet Kelsey's family.

Kelsey is excited to express more of his feelings to him. She isn't going to tell him what they are going to do, but they may get a little messy.

They go grape stomping to make their own bottle of wine. They try dancing in the vat. I wouldn't want to drink that.

They head inside to sample various wines. Blah, blah, blah Peter talking about Kelsey. They addressed big things early on, blah, blah, blah. She's sweet (ugh).

I don't care for Kelsey back to the champagne drama.

Before heading to the family, she tells Peter she's in love with him. Way too much loud smoochiness going on.

They get to the house where mom, stepdad, two sisters and a brother-in-law (?) are. At dinner, mom serves some of Kelsey's favorites. Soon, her sisters take her off to talk.

Kelsey's mom is the spokesperson for the family. They talk about how Kelsey is straightforward. Mom about threatens Peter.

Kelsey tearfully talks to Mike, the step-dad about fears of having her heart broken.

Kelsey tells mom she is a crier, but has cried even more through this whole process. Mom does know that Kelsey is in love and is worried about her heart.

Nothing is said that isn't normally said in every house with every family on every season.

Peter's smile every time a woman says they love him is sappy as can be.

We are speeding right through.

We have now moved on to Auburn, AL where Madison lives.

They start their date with a tour of the Auburn campus. She teaches him the war eagle yell and they had to the basketball court where her dad is an assistant coach. Charles Barkely has recorded a message for them.

They put on jerseys and Peter claims to be a good shooter from half-court. His claims are not accurate.


The head basketball coach comes out to meet them and muses how Madison is fortunate to be part of two final fours in one year. Coach talks about how great Hannah's dad and family are. He puts them through some basketball drills. Peter has absolutely no skills whatsoever.

After Coach leaves, it's one-on-one time. Madison wins because have basketball skills.

They chat a little bit about what to expect with her family. Peter told her last week she was starting to fall in love with her, but Madison didn't say it back. Peter said he felt it though today.

Mom, dad and two sisters are awaiting. They have a family tradition of having a special plate. Whoever gets the special plate means that everyone says something special about that person. After everyone says their something nice about Madison, Dad prays over dinner. They toast over sweet tea.

Before they even eat, Mom takes Madison off to talk. Mom asks her why she thinks she is still in the running. Mom doesn't know what to think, but knows Madison normally needs time which she has not had. Mom asks if she has told Peter about, you know, decisions she has made for herself. They have not discussed how she is saying herself for marriage.

Dad talks to Peter about Madison's high moral standards. I thought he was going to tell her secret. Dad knows what he was alluding to, but it went over Peter's head. His questions do make Peter squirm.

Dad and Madison have a conversation before Peter leaves.

Madison and Peter talk a little before he leaves, but she does not tell him that she loves him. She wants to make sure she's the one before she says it.

Last, but certainly not least in the drama department is Victoria's date in Virginia Beach, VA. There's been no drama so far, so you know it's going to get real now.

Victoria has been walking her dog on the beach, but once she turns her attention to Peter when he arrives, the dog goes running after a guy in the ocean.

The tourist locale that the town is, they head to Old Towne Photos for some dress up and photos. After some time hanging near the beach, Victoria takes them over to where they have their own little Hunter Hayes concert. This makes up for the last time when her ex was staring at them the whole time.

Peter thinks they are on track because they have so much fun together. He wants to marry his best friend and it seems to be going that direction.

Peter is walking away when he is stopped by someone he knows from once upon a time. They catch up a little bit, and Marissa warns that she doesn't think Victoria would be a good choice for him. She used to be friends with Victoria, but something happened a couple of months ago. The mystery lady who's face is blurred doesn't say what. She's very vague, but gives him a definite warning.

They don't arrive at Victoria's family's house together which is kind of unusual. For some reason they parted ways before the mystery woman showed up. They warning is on his mind when he arrives. They sit on the front steps to talk before going in where the family has been talking about if it is possible to fall in love in a short period of time.

Peter starts off by saying he had an ex at the concert today. He shares that Marissa said that Victoria has caused a lot of relationships to break up. She is kind of calm at first. Peter says she can see how that would put him in a bad head space. She starts crying and turns it on him that it was so wrong of him to accuse her of something. Not completely what happened. He asked her about it.

Peter asks if she's ever fought for something she wanted because Victoria is ready to give it up now. She's done with the conversation and the whole thing. She gets up and yells at the cameras.

She finally lets Peter talk to her. They start arguing again. She's mad that he is supposed to meet her family, but what this other girl said is more important to him. He asks her, "Have you not seen how much I care for you?... This is the second time you have gotten up and walked off on me." She won't have a real conversation.

He leaves without meeting her family. Victoria is crying on the curb when her family comes out to see her. Victoria's answer is, "He left." Well, yeah.

Makes me wonder how her family is since she's always been a little off.

The next morning, Peter is confused. Victoria told him how she felt about him, but... CUE KNOCK ON THE DOOR.

Victoria arrives and apologizes for the night before. She's falling in love with him, and... Peter says that he doesn't think she wants him to love her the way he wants to love her. There are moments he can totally see it, then it implodes. For the 99% that is amazing, the 1% terrifies him.

She says she's trying really hard. She can't walk away from him (but she does). After a little more conversation that goes nowhere, Peter says he's not ready to make a decision yet.

Peter heads back to wherever the next rose ceremony is going to take place. It's an airplane hangar at some airport. 

The women arrive. Madison. Hannah Ann. Kelsey. Victoria.

Peter arrives. He gives a speech about meeting their families. He doesn't reveal that he didn't meet one of them. It breaks his heart that he has to send one home now.

  1. Hannah Ann
  2. Madison

  3. Victoria

This defies all logic. I don't like Kelsey, but Victoria is a mental case.

Before she leaves, Kelsey and Peter talk on a bench. He apologizes as he is sure she didn't see it coming. Peter talks about her honesty from the beginning. She deserves the same of him. He wasn't there at the same place when she said that she was falling in love with him. With that, he walks her to the limo.

Peter goes back in and says he knows his wife is in the hangar with him. It's time to head back out over international waters. They are headed to Australia. 

Madison doesn't think Peter knows how much she is struggling. As Peter walks away, Madison calls out to him asking to talk. 


The closing credits show Victoria's family talking about Pilot Pete and Nana kisses. They were kind of more interesting than all the other families. 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

It's a Small World

We tried it on a whim... Until I went to post, I forgot this group had tried this one before.

It’s A Small World

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears,
It’s a world of hope and a world of fears.
There’s so much that we share, that it’s time we’re aware,
It’s a small world after all.

It’s a small world after all. 
It’s a small world after all,
It’s a small world after all. 
It’s a small, small world.

He’s the Lord of the sky, He’s the Lord of the sea,
He’s the Lord of you, He’s the Lord of me.
Jesus died on the cross.  And he gives us liberty.
He’s the Lord of all.

Jesus is Lord of us all,
Jesus is Lord of us all,
Jesus is Lord of us all,
He’s the Lord of all.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Survivor: Winners at War: You knew that one was coming ASAP

I'm picking up here where I left off last week with the second half of the Winners at War premiere.

When Natalie is voted off first, she gifts her fire token to Jeremy and heads off to the Edge of Extinction. It's a windy night as she reads the welcome note. She learns she'll be able to earn extra fire tokens, but if loneliness overtakes her, she can raise the flag and go home.

The next day (Day 3), The red tribe talks around the well. Sandra is personally offended because on Island of the Idols last season, Boston Rob said he'd never come out here... that he would not play. Now, I don't know why Sandra would believe that. Everyone knows would play again. He may have said it seeing if she would believe the lie, but I don't think he was serious.

Because Sandra is so hurt over this, she is determined to get Amber out at the first chance she has.

Yul tries to collect the one-time players together for an alliance -- Adam, Sophie, Wendell and Yul. They plan to control the game.

On the other tribe, Michele feels on the outs because she didn't know that Natalie was going to be voted out. Ben fills her in that Rob and Parvati have something going on. Rob is trying to act like he isn't in control, but he is.

Jeremy finds the fire token in his bag, making him the possessor of the most for the moment.

Natalie, on Extinction, finds the menu of items purchasable with fire tokens. She digs and finds a bottle with a clue to find a fire token. It tells her to journey to the last place she can see the sunset. She hikes up to the top of the island, and it is quite a trek. She finally finds an immunity idol. It's not going to do her a lot of good on EoE, so she can pick one person on the losing team that she can sell the idol to for a token.

When it comes time for the next immunity challenge, Sandra sits out since her team has one extra person. She ought to compete since she's such a big shot.

For the challenge, each team paddles out to a platform to retrieve number tiles. They have to do an obstacle course to use the tiles to figure out a combination lock to get rings to throw at paddles and whoever raises that flag first wins.

Rob's team hits an obstacle and falls behind. The other team gets their bag un-knotted before Rob's team can get to the platform. He takes control, gets the boat up to the platform and gets the pieces. They almost catch back up, until they get to the barrel roll. The red team seems to have better luck. While the red team does help each other, Rob pretty much has to throw his team over the barrel. He launches one after another while a couple of the other men hold it. The trouble comes when it's just Rob and Jeremy are left. Rob has to get Jeremy on his shoulders to get him over. Then, Rob gets someone to pull him over over.

Dad bod with a beer gut or not, Rob is a beast.

Rob's team is way behind, but Wendell isn't having a whole lot of luck with the rings after getting the first one.

Jeremy is able to pull it off for the blue team.

Since Rob's team wins, it doesn't take much to guess that the Red team led by that witch Sandra is going to target Amber. Amber knows it.

Rob knows it too. And he knows there's nothing he can do to stop it.

The red team gathers back at camp. Everyone wants to know what everyone else wants to do.

Kim, Wendell, Amber and Tyson want Sandra or Nick to go. Maybe Tony?

Wendell goes to the other group. He says he wants to work with them. Wendell tells Sandra he wants it to be Tyson or Amber.

Sophie talks to Wendell and Kim, then Amber.

Then everyone scrambles with everyone else.

Sandra decides to spread "truth, lies and rumors."

I don't know what Natalie was smoking, but we learn at this point that she has sent the immunity idol to Sandra. Nothing says for sure, but she guesses it was Natalie who sent it to her. Sandra has no problem paying her token for it.

Tony gathers a group to yammer on, and he says Tyson goes home.  He wants to break up the poker alliance of Kim, Tyson and Amber (by connection of Rob).

When all gets silent, Kim knows something is going on, but she doesn't know what. She has to dig in to find out. She's pretty sure that it will be her, Tyson or Amber going home.

It's time for Tribal Council...  Jeff leads them in a conversation, starting with Amber and how different she feels since it's been 16 years since she's played. She's not used to this pace.

Sandra pipes up about how Amber is going to have to pick up the pace.

Kim talks about how she knows her name was on the block because of the poker player allaince that was never a thing to begin with.

After more and more round and round talk, it's finally time vote.

Jeff reads the votes:

(and one vote that remains unread since that was enough)

Amber drops her token in Robs's box, of course.

With that, Amber joins Natalie on the Edge of Extinction.

Anyone not see that coming?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Survivor: Winners at War - FINE! I'm going to blog on this ONE season

A day or two before the premiere of the 40th season of Survivor, I commented on someone's post about it. It was actually an author that was talking about watching it and the previews. A mutual friend, another author I have worked with, asked if I was going to blog about it.

The thought has crossed my mind, but only this one season of all winners. This one special season. Not taking it on as a new thing to blog about every season. The big snag: Survivor is a Wednesday night show. I'm never home on Wednesday nights. After church, a friend and I have a standing dinner date. Sometimes, I don't get around to watching for days. That makes it a bigger challenge to blog about weekly.

I am so absolutely behind on blogging--I have so much I want to go back and back post. Stuff I still want to post from back in the fall (for what reason, I don't know other than OCD) that I will promote through my PR page on Facebook for one thing to get a little more attention for some books that need some love. (I need to give up on some things. Let it go.) So much to do. While I am watching, I need to be crafting. I need to work on my expenses for my taxes. If all else fails, I need to be doing some work (like right now as I type this).

A couple of people said they would read it when I posed the question on Facebook if anyone would indeed read it. After all, my readership on my Bachelor blogs has tanked. Why should I believe in the power of two readers?

This week, I put off watching the episode until I made up my mind if I was going to blog it or if I had time to get my laptop out while I watched. I put it off Thursday. Nope on Friday. Saturday, I told myself. Nope. Sunday night. Going to watch it, but no, I won't blog about it. I didn't need one more thing on my list.

Then, I started watching. There was commentary I wanted to make. Things I wanted to point out.

So here we go.

I didn't get up and go get my laptop, so here I am actually on Monday night after blogging on The Bachelor, watching part of the show again to remember all I wanted to say. I'll actually schedule it show up on the blog the night it aired to make the weekly post consistent. As I type this, I'm not sure I'll get the post finished before I sign off for the night or my laptop battery runs out of juice. If it comes to that, I'll just have to finish it later.

I'm going to try my hardest not to give a blow by blow recap, but instead share some highlights. It's way too hard to blow-by-blow with Survivor. I will, however, get a little detailed this first episode. Maybe, maybe not.

As the two boats full of players arrive on the island, there's some reminiscing to be done there on the beach and lots of clips of contestant interviews.

A few highlights of note:

Ethan (from way back in season 3 in Africa) has been through a lot since his time on Survivor. Any fan knows he battle cancer.

Sandra feels betrayed by Boston Rob not telling her that he was going to be on this season. After all, they just spent 39 days together as mentors last season. As I recall, she didn't exactly tell him. What's good for her doesn't work for anyone else. As if we didn't already know who Sandra was going after, we do now.

There's a little bit of memory sharing between Jeff and some of the winners on the beach. It's a really big deal, of course, for Boston Rob and Amber to both be on the season. It has been twenty years since Amber's first season on the show, way back in season 2 in Australia. Then, iPhones didn't exist. iTunes weren't even a thing yet, Jeff points out. Amber was 20 when her season was recorded. She's 41 now.

After a toast to the season, Jeff hands out the buffs. They may have arrived on one boat of men and one boat of women, but that's not how they will play. Teams have been decided. They have to pick up the buff with their name on it.

I have to admit right here, I don't remember some of these people. This isn't because I haven't watched the show for twenty years. The first season it came on was in 2000. The summer after I graduated college in May. The radio station I listened to was always recapping on Thursday mornings. I didn't catch it that first season because I was at church on Wednesday nights when it came on. I didn't set my VCR back then. I may not have watched as Richard Hatch won that season, but I sure heard about it. Eventually, the season would air on some cable network, and I watched it then. (For a while I had numerous seasons saved on VHS. Tons of tapes I tossed when I moved seven years ago and didn't take them with me.)

No, I started watching in season two where all the women fell in love with Colby Donaldson. It makes me sad he didn't win any of his three seasons so we could be watching him now.

The people I remember are all the old school people. The classic players. The ones from recent years haven't stuck all that well. I normally couldn't tell you who won the last season by the time the new one starts if I am 100% honest about it. 

These days while I'm watching it, I'm multi-tasking or scrolling on my phone, and I just don't get in as deep as I once did. 

At any rate, it's crazy to think the show has been on for FORTY seasons over TWENTY years.

Now, back to the tribes. I don't know how to spell the tribe names, so I'll just give you the team colors.

Red Team:

  1. Amber
  2. Sandra
  3. Sarah
  4. Tony
  5. Wendell
  6. Tyson
  7. Yul
  8. Sophie
  9. Adam
  10. Kim

Blue Team:

  1. Rob
  2. Parvati
  3. Jeremy
  4. Natalie
  5. Ethan
  6. Danni
  7. Nick
  8. Ben
  9. Denise
  10. Michele

This season, each contestants will start with a currency knows as fire tokens. When they are voted off, they have to will their fire tokens to another player before they head off to the Edge of Extinction  for a chance to get back in the game. Tokens can be used to by food and comfort items but we'll find out other things that can be purchased as well.

This season, the cash prize is also $2 million. I don't know if any of them are truly interested in the money. This is for bragging rights.

And there's no time for dilly dallying around. It's time for a reward (flint)/immunity challenge right off the bat.

In pairs for each team, the players swim out to a pole to get a ring. Then, the teams pull everyone along in an effort to get to their team flag pole first. The first team to three wins.

The red team will win three to one.

Now, observations, now that these players are older and wiser, they thankfully knew to pack swimsuits that were going to be a little more practical for the challenges than the first time around.

Some of these people are looking old, much like scrolling through my friends on Facebook. I know I have to be looking that way these days. I did pull out one of the going crazy gray hairs atop my own head yesterday, so I admit my age.

All of this has nothing to do with the moment during this challenge that hit me and made me decide I would go ahead and blog some this season. No, what I noticed was the absolute looks of pain and concern as Rob and Amber's teams competed against each other. They wanted to cheer one another one. They cringed as the other got beat up in play. You could tell the real emotion there you don't get out of the other stupid reality show I blog about. Where Boston Rob would normally play for blood, it's going to be harder for him this time. When they make their way to their camps, Yul realizes how long it has been since he played. He's going to swiftly see the difference between old school and new school play. There's a whole lot more twists and turns in later years in order to keep the show fresh. It's going to be a struggle for the players of old who played a more pure, traditional game.

The red team gets to work on building their shelter. Wendell didn't want to be responsible and build shelter again (as the master furniture builder). He wants to go idol hunting.

Sarah and Amber get water where Sarah says she is surprised Amber is here with four little ones at home. Amber said it was an easy decision to be there, but hard to leave the girls at home. Tyson gets really emotional talking about making Daisy Chains for his daughters as they would countdown the days he was gone.

Never a Tyson fan before, it was nice to see the nicer, kinder side of him. Bonding over their children and how their lives have changed is a nice change to all this reality competition.

Though I obviously have no children, I could identify better with the late 30- and 40-something players who have seen some life and understand what life in the real world is like instead of being jaded 20-somethings.

Meanwhile, Sandra is just as much Sandra as she ever has been. She brags on about being the Queen of Survivor. Everyone wants to be like her. She's the only one to win twice. She's the best. If people were wise, they would try to get her out first.

On the other beach, Rob knows he's at a disadvantage losing the first challenge. He's a target. He was just on a season where there was a giant idol of him. As best I recall, I didn't like Rob the first time he played back in Marquesas. He has grown on me over the seasons, and I adore Boston Rob now. He's never going to make it to the end, but I really want him to.

Parvati hasn't played in 10 years. As a wife and mom now, she's not going to be able to use her flirting game. She left her 10-month-old baby back home. Think about it. She may not be home for her baby's first birthday. Maybe I will like her more this time around because I've always disliked her.

Ethan hasn't one since 2004 when he played at 27. He's happy to be alive and there. His seasons were definitely no frills.

On both teams, payers are hesitant to go off on their own for too long. People are going to think you are idol hunting. It's a struggle that Amber faces. She feels she needs to idol hunt because people are going to want her and Rob out.

Yul points out to Sophie that Kim played poker with Rob, Tyson and Jeremy. Tyson commented on this televised poker game that if they ever ended up on an island together, they would be the poker alliance. This is assumed to be an alliance whether they actually agreed to it or not. It's going to be brought up time and time again.

A somewhat unlikely alliance, Rob tries to team up with Parvati.

Ethan, Danni, Ben and Nick talk about how it would be best to get Rob off early. Ben can't keep his mouth shut and spills the beans during a walk along the beach with Wendell and Rob. Michele and Nick come up on this too. Rob tells Ben he's not so sure about him since he's stumbling over telling him the truth. Rob confronts Danni, and then she even agrees to work with him after bringing up his name. Maybe Rob can charm everyone. I still don't think he has a chance.

However, there are other names on the tribe being tossed around. Denise and Adam are being thrown out as possibilities because those two were out looking for idols. They claim they got lost looking for the water well, but no one believes them. Jeremy and Natalie were tight going into the game. They may need to be broken up.

Adam turns attention to splitting votes on Jeremy and Natalie. He goes to Ethan. Ethan goes to Parvati and Rob. Parvati goes back to like everyone else saying Rob doesn't have a preference. Parvati with Ben, Natalie, Jeremy and Danni are talking about Adam.

Parvati and Rob are trying to decide if everyone is dumb or scared. Those two are trying to figure out if they are getting punked.

Rob is already showing signs of his tank top sunburn. He's showing off his dad bod now.

So... tribal council #1:

Jeff tries to chat it up with everyone. Ethan and Rob talk about how fast the game moves now. Jeremy tries to play the "I don't remember" card when it comes to talking about who went off idol hunting first. Denise admits her stupidity of wandering off. Adam says they don't need to worry about he and Denise who met yesterday when there is so much past relationship there.

Natalie doesn't want to be voted off first like her sister did once upon a time. (They were also on Amazing Race - I remember more of them from there.)

Every person is scared to say something and is afraid of becoming a target. As Ethan talks, Jeremy leans in to ask Ben if Rob and Parvati started something. Ben is beginning to think so. Somebody is slow.

It's time to vote.

(That's enough - two votes aren't read.)

Jeremy and Michele seem clueless. Ben tells Jeremy they'll talk later.

Natalie bequeaths her fire token to Jeremy before heading off to Edge of Extinction.

That's where I'm going to call it a night. That's the first of two hours, I need to get to bed early and I'm about to start getting battery warnings.

I'll post about the second hour as soon as I get a chance.

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Bachelor: Peter: Week 6: Don't worry about hiding your crazy

It feels like it was just yesterday, I was talking about The Bachelor. I guess it was actually four nights ago since I didn't get Wednesday night's episode up until Thursday.

It's kind of crazy how fast the season has gone since we are now down to six. Of course, there have been a couple of three hour episodes in there.

Tonight, we pick up in Lima, Peru.

All I know is that Hannah Ann isn't wearing her walking shoes as we see the women walking around and into the hotel.

Kelley doesn't now much about Lima other than there are alpacas, and she hopes to ride them. That is incredibly random.

Peter video calls his mommy to check in. He talks about it being a two-way street. He's second guessing some people and hope they feel about him what he feels about them. That's what he has to figure out this week before hometowns.

The women are expecting a date card, but it's actually Peter. He shares his biggest fear which is falling for someone who really doesn't see a future with him, a family with him. He wants them to be honest with themselves.

Each woman gives Peter a hug before he leaves.

The voice overs of all the women address how serious each of them is.

In talking with the other women, Kelley says they are still at the point of trying to figure out who Peter is and getting to know him. It's hard to give him that reassurance. Madison and Natasha agree.

Natasha also says she has pointed out to Peter that she has not had a one-on-one and it bothers her. Will she get the first date? Cue knock on the door.

"Madison - I think you're a catch. - Peter"

It's been a long time since she's had a date. She was the first one-on-one with Peter's family way back in the beginning. At 23, she needs to make sure they are on the same page of being ready for the long-term.

They are going to explore a fishing village, because smelly fish sounds romantic. They trade in one little boat for a bigger boat they fish off of. They celebrate catching a fish.

Peter sees Madison as a potential best friend he could fall in love with.

Back at the hotel, Hannah Ann and Kelsey talk about the seriousness of going on hometown dates or going home. Kelsey talks about how Madison wants her husband to be the spiritual leader of her family, and they haven't talked about how much her faith means to her yet. Will that come up in the dinner portion?

Later that night, Kelsey is talking about the possibility of Madison not coming back and how losing people at dates means better things for the ones left behind. Natasha thinks everyone is further along than he and Madison.

The date card arrives and reads... "Natasha - Let's explore (except in Spanish) - Peter"

She will finally have her time.

Now, back to Madison. It's time to get honest. Madison suspects it goes one of two ways: propel them forward or end it all.

She starts the conversation about how it has gotten hard because where they are now is much more serious. She talks about her dad and how he has been an example, in loving her mom, her family and the Lord. Faith is her whole live and who she is. She wants to marry someone that feels the same. She wants them to grow in that way together.

Peter is silent for a while. He finally says that he respects that and loves that about her. He has faith, but feels it could be stronger. While Peter says his faith is important to him, I think he's just trying to say something to make her feel better. He's having a hard time coming up with words, but says he knows that he's falling in love with her.

After a kiss, Peter gives Madison a rose. She shrieks a happy, "YES!"

He's never been to Alabama before. He's excited to meet her family since she has met his.

The next day, it's Natasha's turn. It's weird to be at this point, one step from hometowns and to just now be on a solo date.

Peter is a little too excited to find his favorite dessert which his grandmother used to make.

They buy mini alapacas after trying on some alpaca furs. Then, it's out to watch local street dancing (there's always street dancing).

They sit down in a restaurant to chat. Peter says that Natasha has shown her more sides than anyone else. The serious, the bold/fierce, the goofy. Sometimes she's almost two honest. She talks about that and her brothers. He should come meet them at her house (hint, hint). Her parents haven't met a guy she has dated in four years. Her last boyfriend broke up with her because she was too intense for him. I can see that.

They forget their alpacas at the restaurant.

At the hotel, they are counting the number of roses and the number of women left. They can count to four. Wow.

The date card arrives, "Kelsey - Love is a wild ride. - Peter"

Victoria F. moans about it being a three-on-one for the last spot with Hannah Ann and Kelley, but she's not confident.

Over dinner, Peter is going to have to start comparing relationships. Peter knows he's falling in love with Madison. Does he feel the same about Natasha? He asks her where she thinks they are.

The look on Peter's face while the women are talking is a little too serious. It'd make me nervous. Peter can see some potential, or so he says.

The women back at the hotel are wondering if Natasha is going to make it through the date. Conversations up to now in the episode have been Kelsey and Hannah Ann like multiple times. Guess those two are finally getting along now after all the champagne business. This time, it's Kelley and Madison having the talk.

I'm trying to figure out how and when Peter is going to cut this one off. I just don't see it. Peter sees her in the friend zone. He picks up the rose because he has to hold the rose while giving the speech. He says, "I can't give you this rose. And I'm so sorry about that."

Natasha's response is, "That's too bad."

He thinks he might have waited too long to give her a chance.

Honestly, I never saw any chemistry there.

The suitcase is claimed at the hotel, so the women are doing their counting again. 

The next day, Victoria F. is using a different tone of voice than usual. She says it's scary that he sent someone home from a one-on-one. 

Kelsey has the date now and she's scared she could be sent home too.

He plans to be honest too with Kelsey. She comes running to him as producer prompted. I, like some of the people on Twitter wonder about this running business, especially with the shoes they are wearing.

Kelsey has never been on an ATV, but of course, Peter is going to teach her.

Peter is short of breath as they collapse onto the hilltop. They start their conversation talking with Peter asking what Kelsey envisions in her life. She wants to work a couple of days a week, but be there for her kids. She then mounts him for a kiss.

Victoria F. and Kelley talk about how Kelsey's date might be going. You know the drama that's happened set them back a little bit... So far, her bag is still there.

Kelsey wants Peter to meet her family, but anytime you talk about family, it gets emotional. Speaking of emotional, Peter comments as they sit down for dinner, it hasn't gotten emotional today. Just wait...

Peter moves on to asking about her family. Kelsey says that her mom is probably already baking chocolate chip cookies. Her dad will not be there. They got divorced in seventh grade. She didn't talk to her dad for ten years until she won Miss Iowa. When her dad reached out, his answers as to why things happened was, "God told me to." After a few more years, they were in contact again. Her mother doesn't know they have been in contact again.

Kelsey says she could have settled and been married already, but wants to be appreciated, vulnerable and in love. There are qualities in Peter she has been wanting, but never found.

Peter is excited about meeting her family. He's excited about "us." He gives her the rose while complimenting her on her grace (huh?).

The final date card arrives. "Hannah Ann, Victoria, Kelley - Tomorrow won't be easy - Peter." 

Kelley kind of thinks this is stating the obvious. She is annoyed she is being on a three-on-one. Hannah Ann and Victoria are children in her words, and who wants to go on a date with them. Kelley thinks it's an obvious decision. Hannah Ann is 23 and Victoria is a hot mess in her words.

Hannah Ann points out the numbers again. Two roses. Three women.

The next morning, Hannah Ann is worried that after three one-on-one dates that Peter may feel different. Victoria knows she may have blown it last week. Kelley is becoming unlikable this episode because of her attitude and what she says about the others (whether true or not).

When the date begins, it's solemn. Each gives Peter a hug. They walk around the hacienda as Peter gives the speech about where they are as given by the script. They sit down to hear the owner tell the story of his family. Many generations have married there in the chapel.

Peter asks Hannah Ann to go off and talk first. Kelley kicks back, lays on the bench and says she'll be there waiting.

Hannah Ann starts crying about how hard the week has been on her. This could be one of the last times they will talk. She's been working to take the walls down. She's been writing down the reasons she is starting to fall for him.

Kelley is being way too smug while Victoria is breaking down. In her words, the weak get cut.

Peter finally comes to get her. She thinks Peter will see she is on a different emotional level and the only one ready for marriage.

He asks her where she thinks they are. She tells him she was frustrated to think she may be one of the only ones without a second one-on-one. Kelley does say she thinks they are in a good place. She thinks it could be fun. Peter wants her to think it's more than fun. She thinks it's super obvious they are the best match.

Victoria is up next. She knows there has been some doubts, and he's kind of confused. She wants to know where they are at and her take on it. She wisecracks about, "If that is how you want to spend your time." Victoria says that he is always in a mood. Peter says he's kind of attacking her. She acts really immature with everything she says.

Then, Victoria turns on the tears. It's weird.

Kelley is ready for her rose. Look at her. She's an attorney. Look at the other girls. What are they? Talk about cocky.

Peter comes back. He doesn't need dinner. He knows what he wants to do.

He picks up the rose, then asks Victoria to talk. As they walk away, she says, "I don't want to go."

Given the earlier conversation, this goes a whole lot better than expected. He wants to continue this, so he gives her a rose.

She does a 180 with her attitude now.

Peter comes back to Hannah Ann and Kelley. He tells them he did give Victoria a rose and picks up the other one from the table. He tells Hannah Ann he has enjoyed her sweet nature and every moment they have spent together to this moment. He tells Kelley he was grateful to have met her the way they did. This is difficult, but gives the rose to Hannah Ann.

Kelley hops up to walk off before Peter asks her if he can walk her out. (Leaving Hannah Ann sobbing with emotion.) Peter tells Kelley that maybe he was holding on to having met her before they entered the show. He had wanted it to work. Peter thought they had a friendship, but didn't see them at being at the point to see her as his wife.

Peter takes Hannah Ann back to the hotel where the girls are so excited to see HA.

Kelley thinks the four women that are left are all babies and questions Peter's decision making. She's glad he's not meeting her family now.

I guess I am team Madison.

Watching the previews, this whole thing is going to be a mess.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Apostles

I either learned this song wrong, am remembering it wrong, or there's just two different ways to sing it. I go with the latter, but I'm the only one that sings it the way I did. I had to confirm to how everyone else learned it.

To the tune of “Jesus Loves Me”

Jesus called them one by one,
Peter, Andrew, James and John.

Next came Philip, Thomas too
Matthew and Bartholomew

James the one they called the less
Simon, also Thaddeus

The twelfth apostle Judas made,
Jesus was by him betrayed.

Yes, Jesus called them,
Yes, Jesus called them.
Yes, Jesus called them,
And they all followed Him.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Sign-up to review Jesus Rose for Me by Jared Kennedy!

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He is the author of The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible, Are You Close to God?Jesus Rose for Me, Jesus Came for Me, and God Made Me for Worship, and has developed two VBS programs, Proof Pirates and Clap Your Hands, Stomp Your Feet. He blogs regularly at Gospel-Centered Family and contributes to @TGC, @ERLC, and @HeReadsTruth.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020

The Bachelor: Peter: Week 5: Part 2: Send them (almost) all home

I am actually a day late in getting this up. I taught class at church and went out to eat after, so did not want to start it late on Wednesday night. Not that I want to start it now on Thursday either. I am tired. My past three weeks have about done me in.

At least I recorded it and can skip all the commercials, so maybe I can make the post quicker.

So, a bunch of whining, crying, catty, immature, name-calling, tattle-telling girls head to Santiago, Chile.
We start off with 10. I think there's a chance some will be dropping like flies.

Peter fills us in that he has the stitches out of his head, but it will be another week before he loses the bandages.

The women have breakfast together and Tammy toasts to a fresh start. Mykenna brings up the cocktail party again and starts to cry. She tries to defend why she pulled Peter off to talk. Victoria F. tells Mykenna good girls went home who just wanted their chance to talk to him too. 

Peter soon arrives to greet the women. After chatting a few minutes, Peter asks Hannah Ann if she has plans for the day. 

Some people are just glad it's not Mykenna. Others, like Natasha just wonder about Hannah Ann being a younger girl and if she is ready for marriage.

They head to the city center of Santiago where a group of drummers are performing. They make a mess of their local food. They run into a couple married for 25+ years who offer the advice of communication and patience. You know, the formulaic date for time spent in foreign countries.

Peter is a little concerned about how young she is. He asks her if she's ever been in love before. The fact that she hasn't is a little scary to him. 

Over dinner, will he be able to tell if she is ready for all of this? Hannah Ann hopes to model as long as she can. But, she wants to go deep and not go fishing for minnows. I'm confused.

He understands though and asks about past relationships. She dated someone for 3 1/2 years, but it wasn't love. (Yet, she can fall in love in 6 weeks now?) He asks if she is 100% ready. She answers that she is, but he's not so sure. Peter excuses himself because he isn't feeling that she's expressing herself well.

Hannah Ann goes to look for him. She's upset because she doesn't know what's going on. She can't just put on a smiling face anymore. She cares. She says the magic words, "I'm starting to fall in love with you."

Peter says, "I'll be right back." Then, he leaves her again. Alas, he comes back with the rose.

All of a sudden, he has a breakthrough and understands her. He can see himself falling in love with her. 

That "man" is so wishy-washy.

At the hotel, not one, but two date cards arrive.

"Sydney, Natasha, Kelsey, Victoria P., Madison, Tammy, Kelley, Mykenna - Lights, Camera, Action (but in Spanish)." Kelley who read the card has to explain that it's Spanish because they are confused.

Card #2 reads: "Victoria F. - I feel like we didn't get a fair shot. - Peter"

This is her second one-on-one which miffs everyone.

Mykenna is a mental case. She thinks maybe she should leave. Kelsey, of all people, tries to talk some sense into her. 

The next morning, the group date meets up to record a telenovela. Peter picked up Spanish watching such programs with his Grandma. 

Natasha is excited. She watched soap operas with her Grandma. (Didn't everyone? I know I did.)

Mykenna resigns to her role as a maid. She was still ready to go home this morning. As each scene goes on, she skulks around the back of the scene until he finally ends up with her in the end. She's been whining the whole time, but decides this is the sign he needed all along. 

Chris Harrison even joins in on the action. 

Later that night, they all head to a cocktail party. 

Kelsey and Peter talk about all they have overcome. Puh-leeze. 

Then it is a fight for everyone and how they feel like they need to talk.

Victoria P. sits on his lap because she needs to have physical time, not just talk. She feels like she needs to clear the air and get back to where they were before the whole Alayah thing. Talk about killing a mood. (By the way, she's back on the couch pretty quick.) The Alayah thing did put a damper on things. Now they have to move forward. Victoria wants to feel really good about them. This whole conversation is a downer. Now Victoria is trying to guess at what he's saying.

Peter doesn't know if he can see Victoria as his wife. Her answer is that she is worried for him and the decisions he is making. This is their last conversation.

Meanwhile the women talk about they haven't seen Victoria P. for an hour. 

She wants to head straight to the car. He tries to catch up with her to say a real goodbye. 

Good riddance. She's been on my nerves for a while. I just don't know why she got a rose last time given how he was swift to send her on.

Peter tells the women that he just sent her home.

Peter wrote a script for he and Madison to do together.

While the women are sitting around, Tammy calls Mykenna on her turn from such a bad day yesterday to today it being the best day ever.

Tammy asks if she's ready for all of this. Tammy tells Mykenna she acts like a child. Kelsey tries to stand up for Mykenna, but Tammy tells her to shut up.

Natasha thinks Tammy is more interested in getting people sent home than getting Peter. Eventually, everyone leaves the room except Tammy, Mykenna and Kelsey.

Madison is distracted by all the screaming as she sucks face with Peter.

Mykenna left the room, and Peter finds her on the way back up to the room. Mykenna shares that Tammy is after her for not being there for the right reasons. Peter tells her not to let it get her down.

When it comes time to hand out the rose, it goes to Madison.

Mykenna now feels like Tammy ruined the day.

The next day, it is time for Victoria F.'s date. It's the horseback riding date that is mandated for every season. Like seriously, they can't come up with anything original?

Since their first date was a bit awkward with the whole ex-boyfriend thing going on, that's why Peter wanted to take her on a second date.

After they ride, they watch a Chilean rodeo of sorts. Peter is fed a lot of lines about horse behavior for this date too. 

Victoria talks to him about being in her head and going back and forth. He feels very strongly about her, but if she isn't feeling it, she needs to make a decision. 

They meet up again later that night. 

He wants to make sure she understands why he asked her on another one-on-one. He wants to make sure what he thought was there was there (do you follow?). He thought it was until their last conversation. He thinks she may be sabotaging it.

She doesn't know why she puts her walls up. Peter needs her to show him if she sees potential. She says maybe she isn't cut out for this and maybe he should be with someone who is more open. He is trying hard to pull this out of her. She feels sick, so gets up and walks away.

She tells the producers she can't give him an honest answer. She doesn't think she's ready. She doesn't know if she wants to go home or not.

Peter can tell she's not ready now.

At the hotel, Natasha and Sydney talk about the fact Victoria and Peter are on their second date. Natasha doesn't think that Victoria would waster her time if she weren't really into Peter. Sydney talks about how she would be acting if she got a second date, claiming her spot.

Victoria and Peter come back in the room together. She feels bad because she's not confident. She likes him... She wishes she knew her issues. He cares about her so much... For some reason, she gets the rose.

He realllllllyyyyy likes her. Otherwise, she'd be gone. They kiss, then go out on the roof.

The next day, the women sit around talking about the cocktail party when there is a knock. A fourth date card.

"Mykenna and Tammy... Meet me at the cocktail party before everyone else arrives. Enough is enough. - Peter"

Mykenna saw this one coming. She told Peter everything that happened even though she didn't want to.

Tammy is a pot stirrer, but Mykenna has been too much from the get-go.

The two women arrive at their destination and sit and wait for Peter to arrive. Mykenna wants to say something and asks Tammy not to say anything. Mykenna says Tammy may have meant to tear her down, but she found her voice. Mykenna says she is a strong woman and love wins.

Peter comes in, hugs each and sits down between them. He has questions about what is going on between the two of them. He wants to be done with this drama. He takes Tammy off to talk first.

Peter asks for Tammy's side. Tammy said there have been signs that Mykenna hasn't been there for the right reasons from picking out hashtags for the Mykenna show to packing her bags to go home before the last group date. She accuses Mykenna of taking things lightly. Peter asks Tammy where he thinks they are. She says she thinks they hit a speedbump because of the drama that has taken unfair attention.

Yeah, Tammy, I'm not so sure. I think you are both going.

Mykenna says she cannot handle how Tammy tries to bring everyone down. Peter asks about the whole deal with her having her bags packed. Mykenna says it was a weak moment. Mykenna "is speaking my truth" and claims she cares so much about Peter and "us."

If he hasn't had a date with her yet... I just don't see it.

She goes back in a huff to where Tammy is. She keeps pulling up her dress. It has a weird cut out under her bustline, and I keep waiting for a wardrobe malfunction. She gets super jittery and bouncy. They exchange barbs. Mykenna gets snarkier with her barbs.

Peter re-enters the room and says he can't have both of them continue past tonight. He heard Mykenna and trusts her. He asks to walk Tammy out.

I'd preferred him to do the opposite.

Mykenna tells the other women what happened. Kelsey is pleased.

When Peter comes back, he asks to take Natasha off to talk. He assures her he isn't interested in the drama.

Sydney is another young girl that makes me roll my eyes.

I want to speed through everything Kelsey says.

If I had to make a pick, I'd have to choose Kelley or Madison maybe.

Victoria F. apologizes for pushing him away. They have a moment.

After the conversations cease, Chris Harrison comes in to bring it to a close. Peter claims he doesn't know who he is sending home. He says he feels something with each of them.

Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. have roses. There are three roses on the table.

  1. Kelsey
  2. Natasha
  3. Kelley
And with that, Sydney and Mykenna are headed out. I'm good with that.

Mykenna doesn't understand why he didn't send her home when he sent Tammy home. She leaves being more in love with who she is than anything. Seriously. That's what she said.