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The Acrostic of Scripture gives parents and teachers a unique way to teach theology to children and makes catechism fun! An alphabet of words introducing biblical theology, written to a rhyming beat, paints a detailed and varied portrait of the unfolding story of the Bible, as it is fulfilled by Jesus. 

Authors Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle have created The Acrostic of Scripture, to help children ages five to eleven learn theology so their “knowledge of God’s big picture is better.” The fourth release in the Acrostic Theology for Kids series, this book is fun to read, simple to memorize, and features illustrations from C. S. Fritz that shine with creativity.

The Acrostic of Scripture includes a QR code in the back that can be scanned to listen to the audio version of the book which Timothy Brindle reads in rap style.

  • Gives parents and teachers a unique way to teach theology to children and makes catechism fun!
  • Using the alphabet to teach about God has a rich history in the Bible, especially in the Psalms and Lamentations.
  • The Acrostic Theology for Kids series introduces systematic theology to children uniquely on their age level.

(Releases February 27, 2023)

About the Authors and Illustrator

Jonathan Gibson, PhD, is ordained in the International Presbyterian Church (UK) and serves as Associate Professor of Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia. He is the author of The Moon Is Always Round and coauthor of An Acrostic Theology for Kids series. He is married to Jackie and they have four children: Benjamin, Leila, Zachary, and Hannah.

Timothy Brindle, ThM, MDiv, is a Pastor at Olive Street Presbyterian Church (PCA), and a candidate for the PhD in Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he serves as the Senior Stewardship Officer. He is the author of The Unfolding and has released several Christian hip-hop albums since 2003. He is coauthor of An Acrostic Theology for Kids series. Timothy and his wife, Floriana, have nine children and live in Philadelphia.


C. S.  Fritz grew up on a farm in Oregon, where he milked cows and had a pet pig. To escape the endless chores C. S. would draw. As a young child, his family moved to Arizona, and it was there he has spent most of his life, married the love of his life, and had two wild kids. C. S. is an award-winning author and illustrator of The Cottonmouth Trilogy, Good Night Tales, The Moonman Cometh, Seekers, Good Night Classics, and An Acrostic Theology for Kids series. 

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