A New Year's Revival, Perhaps?

We all go through phases. 

As much as I say I have had the same, routine life forever, I've gone through phases as is reflected here on this blog.

Like that whole phase of blogging on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. I guess it might have been sort of fun why it lasted. Those were my most popular posts. However, I complained a lot about doing them. Then, I just decided that I couldn't handle watching the ridiculous smut anymore. Surely, I had something better to do with my time. 

I used to video my kids at church singing a new song every week, but I went through periods of kids not wanting to sing for videos, COVID shutting down class for a period of time, a class of only two kids (and sometimes only one), resharing videos I had already posted, and finally, I gave that up.

I've done tons of crafts I could share, but I'm usually too busy doing crafts to show them here. I finally uploaded my craft site, The Crafty Dad and Daughter. I really needed that updated worse than here when it comes to showing off crafts.

I went through a phase (especially during lockdown) where I posted pictures of all my EveryPlate meals, but let's be real. No one cared and it was a waste of time.

Once upon a time, I posted about my family, but certain people caught wind when they got online. The stories of my nieces really pretty much disappeared about eight years ago. That's a long, pitiful story. They are 18 and 21, and I never see them. 

I'm still doing book PR, but I'm not doing blog tours the same way, especially since I'm not doing fiction tours for other publishers right now. At the end of 2021, I started phasing out freelance work because in January 2022 I started working full-time for New Growth Press. For a long stretch working part-time there and freelance for others and crafting as a third job just didn't leave time to keep my blog updated, even for work stuff. In the fall, I hardly sleep, and something had to give.

I do sooooo much on social media for work, and I run the New Growth Press blog, so that's where my energy for working on a blog goes.

Plus, it all became a chore, and needing some margin, I pretty much let blogging go. I know how important it is to maintain regular posts in order to maintain a following. I just outgrew that phase as a personal goal. 

Because my boss did look out of curiosity here at my blog, and kind of asked, I am going to try to start posting some again, at least work-related. No promising on how long it lasts. 

I will try to incorporate some personal stuff in for a variety. Warning though: My life outside of work is as boring as ever.