Everyone was on their best behavior

This week has seemed really long for some reason. It was the third night in the row out at the ball field, but it honestly felt like about the 6th. And Paige has a game tomorrow night.

I was soooo sleepy this afternoon, but can say that I gave someone their best laugh of the day alongside my attitude adjustment. Anything I can do to better the world and add light to someone's day.

Now, I need to sort through the 388 vacation pictures we had printed to do scrapbooks of our vacation. Actually 388 pictures for me. 388 for Mom. And she wants me to do her scrapbook this time and I agreed. That thought alone overwhelms me. And I need to start gathering stuff for VBS crafts. Lots to do!

Next week, there will be a lot of posts on new books. Lots of new releases coming up at work to share, just in time for summer. I've heard some great things about some of the new fiction coming out June 1. Keep an eye out!