Toto, we're back in Texas alright

OK, so part of my title was a knock at the fact that we didn't see Dorothy's house in Kansas because we went through another attraction (one of two actually) highlighting the 1880's, but I digress.

There was no doubt we were back in Texas when we got here. Hit with 90-something degrees and 147% humidity right in the face, I tell you.
During our trip, we encountered thunderstorms and hail in Oklahoma City. (This is a picture from the garage of our hotel. No, I didn't get to see a game. - Then, can you see the hail on the hood?)

Rain off and on throughout Oklahoma and Kansas.
Snow (and some mighty wind) while up on Terry's Peak in South Dakota. I also stood out in the snow for this picture, but I wasn't wearing socks with my slide on shoes and I got snow in between my toes trudging out. I know, real bright.
I guess if you cover enough states, you cover virtually all types of weather.

I'd talk about something more interesting than the weather, but I have to go melt for a while and watch a softball game.

Tomorrow's topic will either be "why I had dreams of going to the zoo" or "why I don't think they will be finished with Crazy Horse in Peyton's great-granchildrens' lifetime."