I'm onto something good!

I really hate that the glare from the window gave me a less than perfect picture. I think the one on my iPad is a little better, so I need to switch it out. This weekend, I did a small local event to test out my latest items I'm taking to craft shows in a few weeks. I wanted to get some feedback on my new hymnal canvases. Much like my Dr. Seuss canvases that did so well last year, I take pages from song books and put a line or phrase from the song on them. The entire background is made from the song itself. 

These pictures were taken against my turquoise wall in my hall. Right now there isn't anything hanging on one side of the hall, and whatever I do hang may have to come down easy because I like finally having a background to take photos again.

By the end of the day, 7 of 11 of these sold, and I have orders for five. Three of those are new songs. The good news is, they are selling, the bad news is that I will never keep caught up.