A whole week, huh?

I think this is the first time since I've had my blog that I haven't posted in a whole week. On one level that really bugs me. On a very OCD level.

The thing about blogging is that you have to be in the mood to write. I have to have time to be able to ramble on, and I haven't been able to dedicate the time that I need to in order to do so.

I skipped over blogging about my aunt's birthday party where I had to draw a chart to explain to Peyton who all the various members of my dad's family were. I had tried to explain brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and husbands and wives and missing relatives. After going through some people several times, I asked, "do you need to draw you a picture?" When the yes answer came, and I actually did it, my dad and cousin Mark laughed, but in all honesty. There were a couple of people wishing that they had a copy.

After the party, my parents and I took the girls to the Ranger game where Paige kept an official scorebook (not sure if I'm a good influence or bad on her) while Peyton and I discussed the position numbers of the players and played Wingo. How many 5 year olds know that the first baseman is considered position 3 on the field?

I didn't talk about Paige's first real, honest to goodness, could be scored as a homerun hit.

Then, there was my marathon game day with the girls last Saturday where we played everything from mini-golf on the Wii to Operation to Tip-It and everything in between. And how I lost at every single game we played without even trying to let them win.

Then, I was away from the computer for a few days while at the Association of Biblical Counselors conference last weekend where I had an "It's a Small, Small World" experience when I saw a guy that lived next to me in college. (Amazing how the rowdy neighbors turn out to be ministers.)

And among all things, I didn't discuss my views of how Survivor ended. The wimpiness of Colby not winning a single immunity challenge. Or Russell whining about the game being flawed (PUH-LEEZ). Or how I would have picked Sandra to have been one of the first five to go if I really thought about it during the first episode.

So many passed up opportunities. I really do want to do better than that. I'll tell you a little something about me in case you haven't figured it out. When I disappear from the blogosphere... (even from book press releases) you may want to check on me. Seriously. That probably means that I'm discouraged about something or extremely distracted.

Speaking of distracted... while I'm typing this, I left the Bachelorette on instead of changing the channels. These guys are absolutely cheezy. And this guy that got a gluestick and made a scrapbook... OH, MY goodness. And this guy that he admits he's a mama's boy. Don't ever do that! Yikes.