As done as it is going to be

Monday night, I put some more lights, some garland, took down some lights that I didn't like and decided to call the whole thing done. Although I could have put up two more small trees, put lots of lights in the windows (but those suction cups drive me bonkers), I decided this was enough.

I could only find one big purple plate at Walmart at a time. (I actually saw one more I didn't get at a Walmart in Kansas City, but didn't get it. I waited out the fall sale to get everything cheaper a few weeks ago. Yes, I am purple obsessed, but it's not tacky.

On another note, my legs ache so bad at the moment. I stood up all day helping my great-aunt pack up some stuff for a move. I wiped out because I got up way early for work Thursday and Friday, and Saturday is usually don't get out of bed until 9-something day. No such luck with that since Peyton awoke at 7:15 this morning. I should just go to bed now.

OH, and here's the popcorn cob we bought in Kansas for the girls to try. A few kernels did not come all the way off the cob.