A strange experience

This past week has been rather strange in more ways than one. If I weren't trying to blog on the berry again I would start with last Tuesday. At the moment I am glued to my couch and do not consider getting up and turning on my computer on.

Ironically, I am watching the Sing-Off and Neil Diamond is on. Ironic as that fits in with the story I was going to tell.

A few weeks ago, I heard the Trans-Siberian Orchestra would be in Dallas. I decided this sounded like a good Christmas season thing to do. Jenny agreed, so we went yesterday.

Strangest three hours of my life. Almost a full three hour concert. I figured it would be a bit different, but figured it would be mostly instrumental. I mean who has heard TSO sing on any of their songs on the radio? No one. There is a reason for that. It would have been one thing if they just sang your everyday Christmas songs, but their original material was beyond odd. I have no clue what the original songs were talking about. Jenny asked me if the lead singer was Neil Diamond. I thought he was Terry Fator doing Louis Armstrong. In between songs was a narrator that was channeling James Earl Jones. He was telling the story of a story exchanged one Christmas in a bar. I really got lost as to what he was talking about too.

Then there was the homeless character that recited poetry. With all the odd songs, laser lights and weird screen graphics of helicopters felt like was witnessing someone's acid trip.

Jenny said she felt as though she has finally made her first big hair band concert. All the head banging gave me whiplash just by watching.

The best part was when it was just instrumental. Simply bizarre, but I can say that have checked it off my list.