Shopping complete?

I sure hope so! Last night, I contemplated going to Waxahachie last night after work to finish up. I ended up passing through there today on my way to Arlington to fight the crowds. I did stop back in Waxahachie to buy the last gift because I was determined to finish before I got back home to Corsicana. There are certain members of my family that are difficult to buy for and knew coming home empty wouldn't be pleasant.

I did see the items I ordered online and paid shipping for on one of my stops today. I am thinking of it as  paying $15 to have the three boxes to wrap the items in.

At least I checked several license plates off my list to compete with my mother and Paige because it's a family battle. I even got a Delaware Nation, not to be confused with Delaware the state. I learned something today. The Delaware Nation is located in Oklahoma (that makes two Indian Nations that I've knocked off of my list). The reason it was so crowded in Arlington today is because people flocked all the way from Montana, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida, Missouri, Idaho and Washington state. Surely, they could have found something closer to home.

Speaking of far from home, I tried to Google South African Christmas lyrics, but they are not as easy to find as the Australian ones were the other day. I can't read Spanish well to try the South American locations.

So instead of entertaining you further, I guess I'll do some wrapping.