Because I said I could

Today, I gave myself permission to not be the overly responsible person that I normally am, even on the weekends. And it felt good. You should be proud of me for blowing off some responsibility.

It actually felt awesome.

So, that scrapbook project, I've been working on for 6 months. Added a few more captions to it this morning while watching The Voice online since I missed it Tuesday night. What really stinks about my procrastination is that Shutterfly has a new set-up to do photo books that I can't transfer my book to. This new set-up lets you do more custom stuff which I was wishing I could do. Payback for being almost finished and not getting the stupid thing done. That and the books are only 20% off right now instead of 30%. But just wait a week or two. I will get my higher discount. But, I may try to go ahead and finish up those stupid rhyming captions to conquer that beast that's been alluding me. If it had been a work project...

I might have actually gotten it finished if I hadn't gotten a phone call. My home phone rings, "are you at home?" growls a young voice.

"Yes," I answer without saying, "you dialed my house number, Sherlock."

"Well, get over here now."

I assume this means my parents' house, so I log off everything, turn off the stove where I was about to make a quesadilla, and being the obedient aunt that I am, get over there.

She was in a bossy mood. She wouldn't give me a hug until I went back in the other room and got her some gum. Grouchy might be a more accurate description.

I decided I wanted to play some mini golf, so once we finally got ahold of little Miss Grouchy Pants' dad, and then waited for her step-sister to arrive, I took the three of them for some golf. I didn't let her continued grouchiness (which is really uncharacteristic for her) ruin my golf game. I beat all three of them. Paige is good, and I am normally bad, so that really was an accomplishment.

Oh, and I got a hole in one on a pretty difficult hole.

Layton decided to stay at my parents' house while we girls went golfing. That was a first, and he told his mom to leave. He wasn't ready to go home when my parents met me at Sonic though, or at least I hear. They met me to get him and take them all home. It's actually the first time I have taken him anywhere. He was right behind me, so I couldn't see his expression when Peyton started screaming and gagging.

It seems Layton was picking his nose and eating his boogers. And I big one got stuck between his teeth. Yes, we all, "EEEEEWWEEEEDD!!!" together. But I have to say that it gave me my biggest laugh of the day.

I do admit to checking his teeth when we got out at the house though most of it was out. It's even grosser to think of now than it was then.

Then, I came on home, watched TV from the love seat for a while (something I may have done one night in the past week). But, I made myself do a chore - come in here and blog. For some reason I think I must not go without a post for a couple of days or I'll just be lazy and let it go by the wayside. (Like cleaning my bathroom...)

Happy weekend to me!