Random thoughts of someone who thinks too much

It is going to be a tough week to blog. Between the girls two teams there are 7 softball games over four nights. Wednesday, church night, is the only night we won't be at the fields.

Every week is a busy work week, but with someone off a couple of days this week, time is even tighter. And there is no time to work late to make up.

Not much time to decide what to blog, much less actually blog. Especially since I am trying to watch The Voice and disagreeing with the coaches on this battle until the final decision was made. Anyone watching with me as I BlackBerry blog?

Later this week, I will have to tell you what I agreed to last weekend. I doubt you will believe it. That's worth a whole blog entry.

I was going to say something else, but I forgot what I was going to say. Living a life of multi-tasking, being constantly interrupted and my mind running even as I sleep has rotted my brain. That has moved beyond annoying.

OK, now back to The Voice. Anyone want to guess what I agreed to?