My one fond Halloween memory

Actually, my one fond Halloween memory has very little to do with Halloween. I really detest the holiday quite frankly. It's become insane how parents load kids up on to trailers and visit certain neighborhoods to get candy. In my opinion, you can go buy it for 50% or more off the next day because they are getting ready to put out Christmas candy.

I live on a very busy street, so I get home before dark, lock myself up in the house and keep the inside lights off so that no one comes knocking. My brother brought all the kids by via the back door last night so that I could see them and had out some candy.

I looked out my window at one point to see a Corsicana police car whiz past a turning car while pedestrians occupied the street. In my opinion, a number of officers should be charged with reckless endangerment going down my street especially. Oh, but you better bet that they will ticket speeders and set up traps along my road.

But I digress.

I could get into the fact that I only had one costume growing up and was Strawberry Shortcake two years in a row. We only went to 5 houses on our street and only 2 were in the next block because we went to church with the families. Maybe I have repressed anger or something. Who knows?!

However, seeing some kids today with their orange jack-o-lantern "buckets" brought back a happy memory.

The summer Paige turned three, she carried one of those around for months on end. She referred to it as "my bucket". I don't really know how she found it that summer. Maybe her mom was cleaning out a closet or something. That was also the summer we could not get her out of her Cinderella pajamas. Anyway, she carried this bucket everywhere. And she carried t-shirts in it. All of her prized Disney t-shirts we all bought for her that she loved to wear. Her Dora shirt she loved to wear when she wasn't in her Cinderella pajamas. Yes, this what she carried in her bucket.

She would take each shirt out, laying it on the floor to display. Then, fold it back up and put it back in the bucket. No telling how many times the child did this.

For her third birthday that June, I took her to see Finding Nemo. I had to convince her not to bring her bucket into the movie theater. When we left, I took her by my mom's office at the courthouse. I had to beg her to leave the bucket in the car. She couldn't understand why I was not dragging her bucket into the "forthouse".

So, everytime I see an orange jack-o-lantern candy bucket, I think of Paige.