You cannot avoid the grocery store forever

Actually, yeah, you probably could avoid the grocery store forever. I sure tried. This post could also be a dialogue on my bonehead moves of the week.

Before I went on vacation, I let the cupboards go bear, not that they are ever particularly full here at home. And I was only gone 6 days/5 nights, so it wasn't like I was going to have a lot spoil while I was gone.

Yet, I was having to pick up lunch a few days before I left. When I got home last weekend, I had no desire to go to the store, and we also had the Ranger game. I managed getting milk when I picked up batteries and a piece of poster board on Saturday. Yes, I needed the batteries to take pictures and the poster board for my "Poor Cliff Lee" poster worse than groceries. No, I actually don't think that, but Paige was with me and there was no shopping with her. On Sunday, I slept all afternoon because we didn't get home until 2 AM. Sunday night, I think was the night I commented on only having a Lean Cuisine spaghetti and a package of croutons. At least with the milk, I could eat my cereal... 5 days in a row and I was tired of it.

And then, there was the work week. So help me, it's not worth going on vacation unless it is an amazing one because getting ready to leave and attempting to catch up from being gone totally cancels out any attempts at relaxation and de-stressing while being off a week. Add to that fact that at the office for over the past month it's been more hectic than usual. Between people pulled off for a special project, then people out sick, then someone leaving, someone else switching positions, etc., it's been insane. Take today's boneheaded day.

I got to the office about 6:30 this morning to start the day. Amanda was trying to talk me into lunch. I said I was going to eat my last two pieces of pizza left from a couple of days ago when I picked up a nasty CiCi's pizza so that it would stretch for a few days. I ate it for lunch Wednesday (and dinner), yesterday for lunch, and had the last two pieces for today. This is almost as stupid as the fact that after a couple of nights of just eating frozen fruit and Cool-whip at night, last night I decided all I needed was carrot slices and salad dressing from the depths of the fridge. I did find a baked potato, and luckily had butter since the sour cream looked beyond sour and I had no cheese.

So, I went to go get my pizza, had the pizza in hand, threw the box in the trash and dropped one of my slices in the recycle trash can. I decided the last piece was gross and wouldn't eat it.

I worked until 8:15 without finishing near what I needed to. And then I went to the grocery store. I was hungry. You shouldn't go to the store hungry or if the fridge is empty. I filled my cart handsomely. And got some things for the church food pantry as well.

And the most stupid thing of all, at 9 PM had to bring all the groceries into the house and was dog tired. I am ready to curl up in the fetal position now.