A week gone by too fast

Obviously, I haven't blogged about my vacation while I was away. I avoided a computer as much as possible. I did a couple of preset posts for work related items while I was gone because I just simply ran out of time to do it before I left.

I wish I had another week away, but then I would just want another week. Let's go through the list of what I was looking forward to so that I can see what I accomplished:

  • Sleeping in (except for Sunday morning when we are leaving at 6 AM - that's just wrong) or being able to take a nap (which won't happen Sunday afternoon at it's regular time while I'm driving -- I hope I can stay awake).
Not really. I was up around 7 AM every morning. Even though I had a room to myself at the condo, I could hear the others up and milling around. Some mornings, I heard noise before  7, earlier than my alarm is set to to to work tomorrow. At least I went to bed at 9 PM last Sunday night after getting up at 4 something AM to get ready to leave. I did get 10 hours of sleep that day at least.

I didn't really take a nap while I was gone - I dozed once.
  • Doing a jigsaw puzzle. When is the last one you just sit down and did one?
I started putting some border together, then put it back in the box when we all had to sit at the table. No one was ever around to work on it with me, and though I never really thought about it before, a puzzle is sort of a social activity, at least in my family.
  • It not being 100 degrees and actually getting some fall weather.
During the early morning and late afternoons/evenings, this was a yes. During the day, it was pretty warm.
  • Reading books for the fun of it. I already have two picked out to take.
I did read a couple of days, but I didn't read as much as I usually do. I think this was because I didn't get to read while riding since I was driving.
  • Fishing. I don't touch worms or fish, but I'm going to stick a hook in the water because I can.
Did not actually do this at all.
  • Being about to get out and walk around. I'm tired of being glued to my office chair and when I leave it, it's been 100 degrees outside.
I did this while shopping.
  • Playing mini golf.
We only did this once, and I think the people we were with weren't too into being there, or at least didn't seem like it, so I felt a bit guilty that this was my thing and we only did it for me.
  • Sitting around and watching the new TV season without interruptions.
When I could stay awake through it, yes.
  • Not answering questions non-stop all day long.
Absolutely yes!
  • Not doing weekly reports.
  • Not checking email.
Now, I'm scared to see my inbox in the morning, since I haven't seen it in 8 days.
  • A change of scenery.
Yes in that it wasn't the four walls of my house or the office, but I didn't see anything else I hadn't seen before, so in that, I wish I got to see something different.
  • Chicken and Dumplins at Cracker Barrel
NO! I ordered some bad ones elsewhere. For all the love my Dad expresses for great food in Branson, I didn't have any of it. And I ate hot dogs three nights in a row. I mean, I knew I wanted hot dog night, but...
  • Shopping
Yes, and I got my fill. 
  • Going to a Ranger playoff game if they make it to the next round.
OH YEAH! And sat through the hours long rain delay. Didn't get home until 2 AM this morning and am paying for it.

I did get my nap in today after being in a questionable state of wakefulness during church. I was exhausted from the drive home Friday through Arkansas (why my dad picked that route is beyond me). When I got home, Paige wanted to spend the night over here, so I didn't sleep too well, although I was oh-so-glad to see her.

We got to the Ranger game when the gates opened at 4:00 - three hours before game time because of all the warnings about parking and avoiding the Taylor Swift traffic.And of course, Texas finally saw rain once I finally got playoff tickets. You don't leave a playoff game with the tickets many times the normal face value until they officially call it. Brian asked me at church this morning if they ever finished playing it since he didn't join back in watching on TV once it started back at 10:45 last night.

One big reason I didn't blog while I was gone is the lack of anything to say. I spent way too much time by myself and came to the conclusion that I don't want to go on vacation by myself. What I thought would happen - what I blogged about regarding expectations of what would happen as the fifth wheel - happened with the exception of at least I had a car to drive around. There's such thing as good alone time, and then it becoming too much. My mom saw this happening, but wasn't able to do much to prevent it. When Dad finally saw it at one time, instead of doing something to make Thursday different, after recognizing that I got screwed in a deal, they still headed back out without doing anything different.

I saw Contagion one day by myself. There aren't a lot of great movie choices out right now, and the times were sporadic. What I can say about that movie was that at least it was something to do for a couple of hours.

That's really as far as I will take my vacation discussion because if I were to go into it any further, it would probably go in a direction of needing an "attitude adjustment" to process it. I just don't want to go there with it. I did admit to Paige about the time I spent crying while I was away. I really wish I could have just enjoyed my time all the way around. Don't get me wrong, it was enjoyable in ways, and I don't want to complain.

OH, and while I was gone, Floppy Jr. and Princess "went to the big fish bowl in the sky". They called one day to tell me. The girls' mom changed the water in both, they'd cleaned the rocks, etc., then went for a bike ride. When they got back, each had perished in their separate bowls. At least it wasn't on my watch.

The pirate ship at the mini golf course.
I said I would go to one show if we could go see the Oak Ridge Boys.
There were 24 geese at the condo looking for food.
The flag covered field.
The tarp covered field. Actually, they are taking it off here. The first time.
Go Texas Rangers!