Finally, a really good event

After a couple of disappointing events, including a really long weekend in Canton a couple of weeks ago, we started this weekend off right!

This weekend, The Crafty Dad and Daughter are set up at Arlington Martin High School for the Baseball Boosters' Craft Show. We went last year hearing of the grandeur, but it was a slower than normal year. With a new location and more people, it was definitely better than Canton. Plus we didn't have to direct anyone to the restrooms! This year it was what we expected when we heard the hoopla before we went last year. 

A special shoutout to Angie and Rakia for coming along with me to set up on Friday night. The preference for the event was a Friday night move in, and it would have made for a very early morning and extremely long day if we had not set up until Saturday morning. 

I did miss out on a family event in order to set up. That's why Mom and Dad didn't make it. If I told you what I was unable to attend, some of you would think I am horrible. Others wouldn't at all. In the end my parents were so very thankful to walk in on Saturday and everything (except one box of items and some balls on Christmas trees) be set and ready to go.