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Into the Deep: Diving into a Life of Courageous Faith
Lauren Gaskill

Abingdon Press

Tour dates: November 6 - 20

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About the book:
How do we live with less fear and more faith when the deep waters of life come crashing over us?
Following Jesus doesn’t guarantee sunny skies and smooth sailing. In fact, the waters of life are often tumultuous, crashing over us. Sometimes we can feel that we’re drowning in a sea of confusion, division, frustration, complacency, or disillusionment. We need more than a shallow faith to survive these deep waters.
Into the Deep is an invitation to dive headfirst into a life of courageous faith. With endearing warmth and authenticity, Lauren Gaskill shares how she and others have learned to swim with Jesus in the deep waters of life—facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, and chronic illness—only to discover a more authentic, enduring faith that cannot be shaken by circumstances. Lauren invites us to discover how to:
  • Trade doubt and fear for courage and boldness.
  • Dive deeper into faith and build endurance for the journey.
  • Make decisions by faith.
  • Overcome battles with specific strategies and practices.
  • Live a life rooted in faith and love.
You can leave fear behind and step into faith.

About the author:

Lauren Gaskill is an author, speaker and the founder of She Found Joy. Diagnosed with an incurable genetic disorder, Lauren is passionate about encouraging others to hold on to faith and learn how to find joy in every circumstance. She lives with her husband and beloved dog Reese just a few hours from the ocean in North Carolina.