My new Saturday rule

My long-standing Saturday rule has been to not get out of bed until 9 AM or after on a Saturday morning. That doesn't work during craft season which starts in like 6 weeks! Then, there will be 8 or 9 Saturdays in a row of doing craft shows. Eight for sure, and a ninth likely added.

My original plan for the summer was that during nights and weekends I would work way ahead in the craft room. It's September now, and I can tell you, that didn't really happen.

I've been working about every other weekend in my office because I've really needed to try to get some work done. The other weekends, I ban myself from going upstairs. However, like a couple of weekends ago, I didn't stay home on Saturday which means I didn't get anything done.

I went to Canton to buy more stuff to add to my hoard of craft supplies and create more projects for myself. If you have read my blog the past couple of weeks, you know that is the last thing I need to do! It was hotter than hot (we decided the January freezing trip was a better temperature choice), but we actually got some things we needed.

So, my new Saturday rule from here on out for the fall is:

#1 No working on Saturday.

#2 Stay at home and get something done other than managing your hoard(s).

How well do you think I'll stick to this? I'm thinking this Saturday may involve putting my new desks together. *facepalm*