A New Season of the Bachelorette Started Tonight, but This is Not a Recap

A new season of The Bachelorette starts tonight, and I don't care.

I can hear you. You're saying, "Yeah, Audra, we've heard this before. You don't know if you are blogging on it this season, but you know you will. You have nothing better to do."

Well, this is the first, the last, and the only blog post you are going to get on Katie's season. 

I promise. This is it.

I have plenty I need to do. I need to spend at least two hours each week catching up on all the PR I need to be posting on this blog. To share pointless adventures in cooking posts. To share pictures of how big my tomatoes grow each day. The crafts I need to start making if we get to do all of our craft shows after a COVID induced year of no events. For goodness' sake, I need to mop my kitchen floor. I have a million things better to do. 

I went and looked at a list of seasons, and I have been watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette every season since 2010. My first season was with Ali Fedotowsky. I've watched 11 seasons of each. I couldn't remember the first seasons I blogged. I looked, and it started eight years ago with Desiree's season.

I watched Bachelor Pad and blogged on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor Winter Games. At the beginning of quarantine when my dad had me too paranoid to check walk outside for fear of COVID hanging in the air, and the choices of things to do were so very slim, I even tried to watch Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart while working a jigsaw puzzle. I have up quickly there.

But, now, I'm done. I just can't blog about it anymore. I think I'm done watching. I didn't delete it off my DVR knowing that all of the season finales of every TV show has ended, and I've watched everything rated below TV-MA on Netflix that I care to watch. But I think it's just a matter of a couple of weeks before I cancel it too. 

I just can't anymore. 

I can't identify in any way. I can't imagine thinking I'm falling in love with someone I've only spent a few hours with. I don't see why you'd want to suck face with a man or woman sucking face with 30 other people. (I remember a time where contestants tried to not kiss everyone. Does anyone else?)

I really can't imagine thinking I'm in love with three people at the end. 

I don't relate to the young. I don't relate to the beautiful. I don't relate to the drunk. I don't relate to the eyelashes, hair extensions, or anything else either. 

There's just been too much drama surrounding all of it over the past year. I don't even want to know or make a guess at how many women Pilot Pete joined the mile high club with during quarantine. It seems he was with a few. I don't care if Claire and Dale are or aren't together any given week. That whole few weeks about did me in last year.

Why did Colton Underwood really do the show? I'm pretty sure he didn't suddenly decide he was gay since his season aired. I don't want to go further into that discussion. The truth is, I don't really care why he did the show. 

I'm tired of my Facebook news feed telling me what Rachel Lindsey thinks about anyone else. Red or yellow, black or white, I plain out didn't like her from the first time she came on the scene. I'm telling you right now, I don't have to watch to know it's just not the same without Chris Harrison. I personally think what he said was blown way out of proportion. Who hasn't said something that didn't come out just right?

And what/who he said it about... who didn't do something stupid in college (or after)? Young adults make stupid mistakes without realizing all the ramifications of their actions. Old adults can and do too. 

On top of that, if anyone not of color says most anything, it's at risk of coming across as racist.

And what's more, I think everyone that read my blog for the recaps gave up long before I did. I don't think anyone is reading my posts anymore. I don't think any of us care. Maybe The Bachelor franchise has run its course.

Maybe I'll find something else to talk about here. I don't think it will be Married at First Sight. This past season about did me in on it too. I'm looking forward to season 41 of Survivor and enjoyed blogging the big season 40 last year, but I think that was because it was the epic season of winners. With a group of unknowns, I don't think that will be fun to blog on. 

First goal though: just getting back to blogging with some kind of regularity, whatever the topic may be.