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How do you grow as a leader in the church? Should you read church growth books? Take a few seminars? Or just wing it? Scott Thomas, former President of Acts 29, church planter, and pastor has a different approach. He unpacks how leaning on Jesus empowers not just your teaching, but also grows the humility and biblical wisdom you need to lead.  

Through many years of ministry experience, Thomas has seen the importance of the “soft skills” of leadership—empathy, kindness, and listening—and how not developing those skills negatively impacts churches. Yet simply knowing the need for what the world calls “emotional intelligence,” doesn’t guarantee growth in these areas. But understanding and applying the gospel will bring transformation.  

Thomas gives practical, specific help in navigating spiritual and emotional challenges that leaders commonly encounter and unpacks how a gospel-shaped response brings healing. Complete with reflection questions at the end of each chapter to encourage self-inventory and further study, The Gospel Shaped Leader will encourage church leaders of all ages in the categories of self-awareness, self-management, relational awareness, and relational management, with the goal of recognizing strengths and weaknesses so they can continue growing more like Christ.  

Releases 8/30/21.

What Others Are Saying

“I have known Scott Thomas for nearly two decades, and The Gospel Shaped Leader is a true reflection of how I have personally experienced his leadership. I encourage every current and aspiring church leader to read and apply this book. It is filled with wisdom and is a much-needed and timely model for healthy local church leadership.” 
~ Brian Howard, Executive Director, Acts 29 

“My friend Scott Thomas has written a book that is biblical, practical, and above all, encouraging. I will be commending it on a regular basis in the years to come.”  
~ Daniel L. Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 

“In this wise and searching book, Scott Thomas takes us into the heart of true leadership as defined by the gospel itself. Shaped deeply by the eternal truths of Scripture, informed usefully by the broader world of psychology, and reflecting clearly a world of ministry experience, The Gospel Shaped Leader gives all of us an accessible but comprehensive vision of true Christian leadership.”  
~ Dane Ortlund, Senior Pastor, Naperville Presbyterian Church; author of Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers 

“Concerning mentors on leadership in the church, I am much more interested in learning from those whose character exceeds their ability and whose humility exceeds their influence. Scott Thomas is such a mentor. Don't get me wrong. Scott has great ability and has enjoyed many years of fruitful influence by God's grace. But even more than these things, it is Scott's emphasis on becoming a person known chiefly for the qualities of grace, truth, love, and zeal for gospel culture that make his insights so compelling. If you are a leader whose chief concern is to grow as Christ's disciple as you help others do the same, you will get so much out of this book. I can't recommend it highly enough.” 
~ Scott Sauls, Senior Pastor, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee; author of Jesus Outside the Lines and A Gentle Answer 

About the Author

Scott Thomas, MA, is the Executive Pastor of Immanuel Church in Nashville, TN, and has previously served as President of Acts 29 and Executive Leadership for C2C Network in North America. He is the author of Twenty Great Truths: Equipping Leaders in Biblical Doctrine, Gospel Coach Workbook, The Gospel Shaped Leader, and coauthor of Gospel Coach. He and his wife of forty years live in Nashville, TN. 

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