Three NEW Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible Studies


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The Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible series is published by New Growth Press in partnership with Serge. Each book in this new series examines how the gospel story is revealed throughout both the Old and New Testaments. 

Next month, we will be releasing three new studies in the series.

These small group guides with leader’s notes contains in-depth lessons that include discussion questions, a short article to read, and a practical application section that can be used for one-to-one discipleship, small group, or large group settings.

Each book in the series examines how the gospel story is revealed throughout both the Old and New Testaments. 

How long? Why is this happening? Where are you, God? For centuries, God’s people have learned to go to God with their real questions, struggles, and everyday needs by reading and studying the Psalms. In this practical, gospel-rich small group study, authors Barbara Juliani and Patric Knaak guide participants in learning how the Psalms give us words to pray about the real struggles in our lives.  

Faith in Christ brings us into a living relationship with God, which means we can go to God in every circumstance and with every reaction of our hearts. We don’t need to pretend things are good when they are not, or that we are strong when we are not. The Psalms are God’s gift to his people—his own words we can pray to strengthen our hearts and faith.   

About the authors:

Barbara Miller Juliani, MA, is an author, Bible teacher, and editor. She cowrote Come Back Barbara with her father, C. John "Jack" Miller, edited a book of his letters, The Heart of a Servant Leader and a daily devotional, Saving Grace, authored several minibooks, and is the coauthor of Psalms: Real Prayers for Real Life. She is also the Vice President and editorial director for New Growth Press where she oversees acquisitions and content. Her husband Angelo is the founding pastor of Bridge Community Church and they have four children and eleven grandchildren.

Patric Knaak, MDiv, is the Area Director for Renewal at Serge where he leads their publication, teaching, training, and mentoring ministries. An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, Patric has worked in curriculum development and was the pastor for spiritual formation at Naperville Presbyterian Church (IL) before joining Serge. He is the author of On Mission: Devotions for Your Short-Term Trip and coauthor of Psalms: Real Prayers for Real Life. A veteran of nearly a dozen mission trips, he's seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to living out grace at the fray.  

What constitutes a meaningful life? We seek fulfillment in success, prosperity, recognition, relationships and even self-sufficiency, but we always seem to come up short. If you feel you are coming up empty in your life and need a bigger vision and greater purpose, this accessible study by David Gibson will show you that all of your hope for meaning lies in getting to know and trust your Creator.  

Listening carefully to the wisdom of Ecclesiastes will topple your false hopes in temporary comforts and achievements and steer you toward the unshakable hope you have in Jesus. Life is difficult and faith is a constant challenge, but dismantling your time-bound idols will help you look ahead to a hope-filled eternity and will equip you to live generously, wisely, and happily.  

About the author:

David Gibson, PhD, is the Minister of Trinity Church in Aberdeen, Scotland. He and his wife, Angela, are parents to four children. David is the author of Ecclesiastes: Living in Light of Eternity and Living Life and Backward: How Ecclesiastes Teaches Us to Live in Light of the End. 

What do you rely on to get through your day? The things we rely on are also what define us—our family, education, job, accomplishments, money. For the apostle John, nothing defined him more than the love of God in Jesus, and that is what he relied on every moment of every day. Scotty Smith takes readers through 1 John and shows how a rich understanding of the love of God prepares us to thrive in times of great stress and strengthens us for every season of life.  

Relying on God’s love brings true joy that empowers us to be faithful in the face of opposition. Discover how we are to live in this world as children of light and how the best way to defeat spiritual warfare is to be preoccupied with Jesus. Participants will learn how knowing Jesus equals loving Jesus, and loving Jesus equals loving others. Because the Father already loves us as much as he loves Jesus, he is committed to making us like Jesus. 

About the author:

Scotty Smith, DMin, planted and pastored Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN, for twenty-six years. He worked on the pastoral staff of West End Community Church as teacher-in-residence and also served as adjunct faculty for Covenant Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), Reformed Theological Seminary (Orlando), and Western Seminary (Portland, OR). He is the author of Everyday Prayers, Every Season Prayers, Ephesians: The Love We Long For, Revelation: Hope in the Darkness, and 1 John: Relying on the Love of God. Scotty and his wife, Darlene, live in Franklin, TN. 
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