I'm sorry I asked

Well, I sort of have a new resolution. As of today, I resolve to never ask anyone where they were going on vacation again.

My problem is that people ask me what I'm doing on an upcoming week off. Often, the answer is "nowhere - just have some time I need to take." At least that's what the answers were this fall. Prior to that, "South Dakota" which turned out to be the world's longest road trip - the trip where I developed claustrophobia and car sickness. And I almost downright had an anxiety attack before we were able to exit Custer State.

But, I digress...

I kind of dread this coming up again. I'm taking a week of in April because I want to go to the Ranger's Opening Day on Monday (an annual tradition). If I'm taking a day, I might as well take a week since I need to average a week off every four months this year.

Yeah, buddy, I'm going to Arlington on my week off!

So? I went through Arlington after an appointment yesterday at the end of the business day.

I wasn't the only one at work that has put in for vacation time already this year. A couple of others did too. One co-worker in particular had put in for two weeks. I was curious, being a friendly co-worker, and asked her what she was doing during her long vacation.

She's going on a Mediterranean cruise to Italy, Spain, Portugal and Morocco for her 25th anniversary.

I read her response via instant message, and so help me, I cried. Great for her - but sorry I asked.

I'm not going to even ask my other co-worker where she is going. I just can't handle the truth.

This is my way of dealing with envy (the topic of tonight's lesson at church)... I'm just not going to ask.

Someday, maybe, I'll have some money saved away for an awesome trip (and someone, anyone to go with). I only have 9 years to save up for me and Paige to go to Hawaii for her graduation. Supposedly, she's already saving. I better start.


Parkerchica said…
Except for the one glorious week of Disney fun last year, we rarely go anywhere. Except Ohio. Oh, and South Dakota.

Hang in there.