A round of the Hallelujah Chorus

Here's a quick post because I have other things I need to be doing and other things I want to be doing. I do want to blog, don't get me wrong, but I just have something I really do want to do that I can't do until I get some other things done. And I don't just mean the laundry and emptying out the dishwasher. I drive myself nuts, the to-do lister that I am.

Anyway, I will be singing a round of the Hallelujah Chorus come February 15 when our new Assistant Media Specialist starts. I was actually singing it when I got word that someone accepted the job. I can now tell the people coming into the office that the job is now filled. Hallelujah!

I have to share about Mr. Fascinating. One day last week, this guy came in. He looks very much like one of our local chiropractors. The man was dressed in a pair of pleated gray wool pants, a navy suit coat and a tie. He wore glasses and carried a satchel briefcase. Picture kind of nerdy.

From looking at him I knew he was either searching for a job or going to try to sell me something.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes, I would like to apply for a job."

"Well, you can leave a resume if you would like, but we aren't filling out applications. I do have to say that I think we are in the process of offering the job to someone though. We can hold onto your resume though in case something else comes up."

"Oh, well, I've been in the process the past 2-3 days working on one of those."

(I'm thinking that's a good thing to have if you are job searching, but I digress...)

"So, what do you do here?"

I explain.

"FASCINATING! That's just fascinating."

Then I tell a little about the position.

"I would love to publicize an author's book. That would be fascinating. I've read over 1000 books."

I just nod my head. What else is there to do?

"Well, I will go right now and in the next couple of hours work on my resume and bring back as quickly as I can. The job sounds fascinating."

And he was off to work on that resume.

I walked down the hall, stuck my head in Christi's office and glared at her. I had already accused her of hiding in her office as to not have to talk to any potential office mates.

"How old was that guy? He sounded like he was old."

"I don't know for sure, but I think his favorite word was fascinating."

"I think so too."

I'm not sure that I really used the word enough in my little story up above. This man was interesting.

He came back in the next day, but I'm the one that did the hiding.

Alright, that's my story of the day. I have to finish doing some tasks. Once I get those done, I want to arrange books on my new bookshelves. I love to arrange books. I've not kept count of the number I have read though. In my lifetime, probably 1000. But who's counting? Oh, I forgot. Mr. Fascinating was.


Pam said…
That is too funny. I would have hid in the backroom also!