Well, I am now!

Paige had told me a couple of nights ago that she needed to come over this weekend so that she could do her science project since she had not been able to do it this past week. I texted Brian to call me once he picked them up from their mom so that we could coordinate. When she called yesterday afternoon, I was under the impression it was going to be not first thing in the morning.

I just told Paige that really early would not be good because I would be sleeping late, but otherwise, I didn't care what time.

See, there are times, especially lately, where sleep is a very precious commodity. Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons are pretty sacred in my book.

At 9:07 this morning my cell phone rang. I really have to change that flying Wicked Witch of the West theme, by the way. I jump out of bed to answer it, knowing full well who it was. (And no, I wouldn't have been in bed for that much longer had the phone not woken me up.)


"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Uh, nothing."

"Are you up?"

"Well, I am now."

"You want me to bring the girls on by? Peyton can go over to Mom's while Paige is working on her project."


"Well, I'll be there pretty quick."



I unlock the front door, and turn around to go to the bathroom because when you have to go, you have to go. It's a good thing I unlocked the door.

As soon as I got into the bathroom, the doorbell started ringing. I come out. Time on the clock read 9:10.

Yeah, that was pretty quick.

"I'm starving."

"Daddy didn't feed us."

I've been avoiding the grocery store for a while now. That meant a trip to Snowflake Donuts. I told them they had to at least get dressed and brush my teeth.

Peyton told me I needed to do something to my hair. DUH! Have you ever seen me the morning after I go to bed with my hair wet?

No harm, no foul. I love my girls and we had a good day, except when I threatened Paige that I was going to give her away in middle of Walmart if she couldn't shut up for a minute. She was singing some song she made up about Angel Soft toilet paper. You would have threatened the same thing had you been there. And evidently, I left Peyton over at Mom and Dad's too long because I got back from Walmart with a message that says, "it's me. I'm bored. Get over here."

I do think that tomorrow when my couch starts calling me for our weekly appointment, I will be touring off the volume on all phones.