Just a little friendly advice

At work, Tracy had the opportunity to join her husband in her parents' family business that they asked her and Craig to take over. That has left us a person short, and we have been looking for a new Assistant Media Specialist.

As one of two people downstairs at the office, I've met a number of people who have brought their resumes in. And to help out, I've also been assisting in screening some of the resumes.

With so many people looking for a job, and so many opportunities out there, I feel like I really need to do provide a public service, and share some "what not to do" advice. This is not a shot towards any of the individuals - I'm just suggesting that you have your head on straight.

#1 Do not print your resume on the back of paper that has already been printed on. I think that says enough.

#2 If you include a cover letter, make sure it's the right one, meaning addressed to the correct company. Especially if you are aiming for a job that requires attention to detail.

#3 Don't cop an attitude when you come in to ask about a job. In response to information I gave about the position, one person asked, "how about education? College education? High school education?"

"At this point, we are looking for college."

"Well, I don't have the education. I have the know how. I DO have the know how."

I honestly thought, "the know how for what?" She didn't bring her info back by.

#4 You probably don't want to make the biggest selling point of resume and letter to highlight your skills learned during extracurricular activities in high school (and college). Personally, my four years in debate haven't really gotten me very far in life. I also took score for the baseball team. I do admit that helps me when I am at the Ranger game and try to play Wingo.

#5 One person that came in really came in for something else. But, he did ask about the job. He says, "I'm really just bored right now and looking for something to do until I get this other thing started." This guy wasn't, but if you are seriously inquiring about a job, don't admit you are doing so out of boredom.

OK, so the weekend is swiftly coming to a close. I have a few things I still need to do before turning in for the night. I have an idea for fun!

Submit me questions, and I will offer advice like "Dear Abby" or something. It can be made up questions. That would be fun!!!