Can we just skip Monday next week?

I was going to bring you an Elphaba moment, but my scanner decided it didn't want to scan it tonight. Who can blame it. It's Monday. My day started off a bit like that, but not interesting enough to further expound on. I am sooooo sleepy that I may lay down on the couch and let Dancing with the Stars put me to sleep. That's how bored I am with it, especially this season.  And I'm always exhausted on Monday nights.

Two weeks from now, I will be arriving in a certain city, somewhere in the US. If I would bite the bullet and buy and iPhone or Blackberry Torch before I go, I could do a daily update on my activities. But I'm cheap and indecisive. Besides, I hear you shouldn't do such things to alert people that you are away. (I guess I just gave that away, huh?) I'm debating the apps of the iPhone vs. the keyboard of the Blackberry. That's what it really comes down to. I also am thinking to go against the masses.

As if I didn't already question the sanity of vacationing with my parents, I voiced such to them tonight. Mainly because they were debating whether or not a potato was rotten and needed to be thrown away. Dear Readers, start praying for me now.

My whole computer is cranky, and I'm having trouble blogging. I give up. I think I'll just go to bed now - at 7:47.