We have a commitment

We have now made part of our hotel reservations and tickets to an event in our final destination. That means we have made a commitment! Yea! Would you rather know now or see the pictures later?

Speaking of commitments to the nth degree? Did anyone watch Sister Wives last week. I'm pumped up to watch this week's episode. It's like a train wreck you have to watch and it's just so fascinating to me. Why a man with three wives already that have been going along fine for 16 years needs to commit to a fourth wife completely boggles me.

Still on the subject of commitments, did anyone catch Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss? They've decided to make a series on plus sized women looking for wedding dresses. I think that is going to get old very soon. One woman met her husband-to-be on a website specially for men who like large women. Seeing as the Church of Christ singles website only solicited comments from a guy with a booger hanging out of his nose and one from a guy that evidently wasn't all there, some small brain cell wonders if I might get a "wink" on one of these websites. You also have to realize that eHarmony deemed me un-compatible.

I don't know where you start to find a website like that though. Do I try something like i-like-big-butts-and-i-cannot-lie.com or what? And how do I make sure that I don't like polygamist men who like big women. I think I'll save my money and not join any sites.