The World Series?

Dear Texas Rangers,

You really shouldn't have pitched both the Darren O's and all their friends in the bullpen last Friday night against the Yankees. You had a five run lead for goodness sakes.

But, nooooo. You lost that game and thus the four game sweep of the series. There was no need in extending southern hospitality to those Yankees and letting them win one at home.

Then, after getting us all excited with three straight wins, there was that monstrosity yesterday while most of us were at work trying to follow along. Just because I couldn't watch didn't mean that you had to lose for my sake. After all, you won the first two in Tampa Bay while Christi had her radio up loud at the office. You just had to go and make it interesting by letting the series go 3-2.

Well, let me tell you right now. I don't need more interesting in my life. Less stress people! Less stress!

So now, I'm headed off on vacation, and I very much hope you wrap this series up so that I can watch you play in the World Series on the big screen TV at the ESPN Zone in Chicago one night. However, we're going to have to speed to Oklahoma City tomorrow evening to see the end of the game because you didn't get this taken care of before now.

Now win!