Mr. Kind of Creepy

Dear Mr. Whatever Your Name Is (you have a one name on one website and two on another),

When I found that you had checked out my profile on one singles website, I was somewhat intrigued by the fact that you were close to my age and only 20 miles away. However, I didn't like the mystery that all your profile said was "recently single" and you had no photo. I was wishing you would add some information.

And when I can tell you revisited my profile, I thought, "OK, maybe he is interested."

When you joined another site and started winking at my profile, I logged on to see who sent the "wink". I see that it is you by a different name, yet the same age and from the same small down. I thought, "ah hah!" even though you still had not filled out your profile and still had no picture.

As I continued to get winks I thought you might have stalker tendencies. You now have two similar names on this website and both are winking at me. Now, I am wondering if you are forgetful in that you don't remember your password so had to create another log-in or if you are just plain creepy.

I applaud you for adding more information to your profile. However, your 2 previous marriages and 3 children give me pause.

Really though, I'm wondering why you don't post a photo of yourself. What exactly are you trying to hide? I mean, have you looked at the other people on these sites? I promise you can't be worse than the guy who posted his picture with a booger hanging in his nose that wrote to me years ago.

Here's a little tidbit for you. I just have a free membership on both of these sites and have no intention of paying money to you to ask these questions. I've decided I am just not into paying money at this point.

If you want to find me, it's really not that difficult. There are only so many Churches of Christ in Corsicana. You could scout them out on any given Sunday.

My log-in name has my first name as a part of it, if you were to attend church in your own town on any given Sunday (you say you go once or twice a month), most of the people in your town know me. You could ask around if you are really interested. My brother is known to show up over there on occasion as well, though you probably don't want to ask him any questions.

One of my co-workers lives in the same town you do. She doesn't know who you might be. I think I might be better off not finding out.


P.S. You might want to do something about that eye twitch.