What not to do on vacation

I distinctly remember sitting in Mrs. Goodman's 5th grade class when the school nurse came in to talk to the class. The subject caused everyone in the class to timidly raise their hand to their head and scratch. A topic that has had my head itch everytime it has come up in the 23 years since.

You know exactly what I am talking about and I don't even have to say the word. And I would venture to say that your head is itching right now.

I get three weeks of vacation a year. In April, I spent a week at home avoiding cleaning my house and not much more. I think I took a few naps. It was very uneventful as best I recall.

This weekend, I spent some time trying to get some work done that really could not wait until I got back. I even skipped my Sunday nap in order to get it done and cutoff any work for 7 days once I got that stuff done. Well mid-afternoon, one of my neighbors backed into the AT&T service box and down went my internet and phone service. After church, I had to plug in the laptop at my parents house to get some emails sent. Not the most convenient. #1 thing not to do on vacation = work.

That was OK though. The girls called to meet them so they could come spend the night over here. I did try to reach the phone service department to talk to a human, but that was a waste. #2 thing not to do on vacation= try to reach a human via any 800 number.

I threatened Paige and Peyton with bodily harm if they got mr up early. Scratch that. At 8:05, I got a text message from some one at work. (See #1) #3 leave your volume on your cell phone on.

I read the text, put the phone back where it was, rolled over (sort of considering the seven year old lump in my bed) and tried to go back to sleep. At 9:00, my cell phone rang (see #3). My landlord called about the exterminator coming later this week and needing tobclear out all the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. I planned to clean house this week, but not that much. #4 should be clean your house.

Later because of my itching neck, I took at Benadryl and fell asleep during a movie. Paige threw a pillow at me jarring me awake and then proceeded to laugh at me everytime she looked me. #5 take Benadryl and a nap in Paige's presence.

Then I watched the ridiculous Bachelorette. If I were in my right mind, that would be #6.

Last night before going to bed, I turned my phone to silent. When I woke up, I turned the volume on. Two minutes later, my phone chirped a text. Someone else from the office. (See #1 and #3.)

I had a few errands I needed to run, including visiting my Mom's office to get my car registered. Though relatively painless, we all know that isn't considered vacation fun. Wait, it was a pain because I had to go around the block 3 times to find a parking space. Call that #7 - going to the courthouse.

I needed to get a ring checked as a part of a warranty thing at Zales, so I went out to the "mall" which should be a never do, vacation or not, so I give that #8.

Then, I needed some groceries, so since I was almost out there, I went to Walmart. Going there is against my religion. #9 is going to Walmart. There, I had another #1 and #3.

#10 ought to be take a vacation in July because today was the muggiest day we have had. Walking outside = sweat.

I met a friend for lunch which was a good thing until my phone rang. This was not a #1 and #3 problem. this time.

I answer my phone, and my brother says off the bat, "you are going to want to wash everything the girls slept on."

Well, that solves the itching mystery once and for all.

Did you know that as hot it is that the nasty birds take baths in swimming pools and spread diseases and lice?

My parents thought I was just being tacky when I said in passing that my head had been itching ever since I went swimming at his house. (The first time I have been in a pool for like 3 years.) Dear Mom and Dad, I was not being mean towards my brother, I was making a statement. Today, he told me I could have gotten them in the pool. I wish they had heard him say it. At least they acknowledge that I had mentioned it.

I went to CVS, went to my parents house to spray the couch which is the only place that I have sat or the girls have been in the past several weeks there. My house = another story. #11 = treat your house for lice.

Dad came over to help me spray down my living room furniture with all its purple pillows and mattress. I sprayed all the furinture twice after that as well as the mattress once he left. He also took pillows and my bedding to wash. I had plenty to wash here. Including clean clothes that had been on my bed and love seat.

I dusted down everything in my room and vacccumed the bedroom while the bedding was all stripped (will have to do that to the living room tomorrow). See #4.

Once my mom got home, we had to do my hair. #12 - get the head treatment. I almost got nauseated from inhaling the pesticide on my head. I have typed all this on my Blackberry because I have on clean PJs and clean sheets and I leary of sitting or laying my head anywhere.

Tomorrow, in addition to going to the laudromat where they hopefully have a washer big enough for my comforter, I am getting my hairstylist to check to see if my mom did a good job (with her blessing since she said she did not know what she was looking for), and cleaning the rest of my house to get ready for the exterminator.

This may be one of thosae vacations where I needs a vacation to recover from my vacation. Jenny was supposed to come over to watch a movie tonight. So much for that.

And my head still itches.