We must not speak of this

I had planned to clean my house while I was off this week, but I had not intended to be so thorough or for it to take days. I will never catch up with all the laundry.

This week, I have not ventured outside the city limits, much less anywhere interesting or entertaining. I've been to Walmart twice which is two times too many.

I turned on the computer here at home for the first time since Monday, so I've not gotten pictures ordered or printed up until now, much less catch up on the book reviews I had intended to do.

My hair is as clean as it has ever been (and hopefully free of unspeakable bug remains) although the ridiculous that I have put on it has given me an oily face and zits. And my hair smells like mouthwash even after shampooing twice.

Other than the wake up text on Monday, at least I have been able to sleep late this week. And I shed some most needed tears on demand because that's always fun.

I just ask that anyone I talk too that reads this not ask me about this week by phone, email or in person. I needed something different than what I got, but cannot dwell on it. And I am trying to block out thoughts of how many emails await me. The good thing about this week is that I have not looked at work email since Sunday. Be proud of me for that.

Let's just not speak of any of it.