Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself... because everyone else is

Today I was at the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) Conference. I was taking appointments with authors who wanted to know more about publicity.

This is the second year I have gone. Two years ago when I went, there was a photo in the program of me. A photo that was only briefly displayed anywhere on the internet, and was a far cry from a professional head shot. I don't really know how or why they settled on this particular picture. My boss, Amy and I laughed at it, but wished there was something better in there to represent me.

Fast forward to this year. When I submitted my new bio and information for the website, I sent a new picture too. It was displayed on the website, and I thought surely goodness to mercy the person I sent it to would update the program.

I thought wrong. At a Thomas Nelson Zondervan mixer tonight, the attendees got a good laugh out of this. Like a really good laugh. Lots of laughter.

Moral of the story: Don't post a picture on the internet that might have a chance of being used anywhere else.


Bethany Ivie said…
Oh, my gosh, Audra. I am sorry!! It's a great story to tell. And a great lesson to learn!