How young is too young to study theology?

Children can understand the deep truths of the Bible
Theology comes to life in this new book from
acclaimed children’s author Marty Machowski

Theology is brought to life for young people in the new book The Ology (New Growth Press/October 19, 2015/ISBN: 9781942572282/$29.99), penned by celebrated children’s author Marty Machowski, with stunning illustrations by Andy McGuire.

The Ology is the first of its kind — a systematic theology book designed specifically for young people between the ages of 6 and 12. One might think the topic is too complicated for young minds, but Machowski disagrees. “It sounds more complicated than it really is. Theology is just the study of God, and systematic is simply study in a logical, organized way. We teach kids about God, one step at a time. We start at the beginning with God, who created the world, and end with the promise that Jesus is returning again.”

The book begins with a tale sure to draw in every young mind: In the cellar of an old stone cathedral, two children discover an ancient book that ushers them into a story of adventure, mystery and wonder. Together they discover life-changing truths about God, themselves and the world around them.

The Ology arrives during a time when society is presenting many values that run counter to how Christian parents want their children to view the world and themselves. It’s never been more important for kids to grasp important topics such as how God created Adam and Eve in His image — that they were the first husband and wife, the nature of sin, and our need for salvation. An early understanding of these important spiritual concepts will begin to build our children’s worldview during the critical formative years.  

The Ology is also unique in that it includes built-in adaptations that make it captivating for younger kids while still stimulating for preteens. The book is subtly layered; from McGuire’s beautiful colored pencil-over-watercolor pictures, to the Bible references sprinkled throughout and the study guide in the back with probing questions, the book can be enjoyed and explored by the whole family. Even moms and dads will benefit from this easy-to-understand, step-by-step explanation of God and how he relates to all of us.

Machowski joins parents in their desire to foster a love in their kids for the Bible. “Parents want to see their children develop a love for God and live for him,” states Machowski. “That can’t happen without teaching them good theology and giving them the gospel message. The Ology only scratches the surface of a gold mine that runs miles deep. God’s Word is an inexhaustible deposit of truth. I’m just opening a door to an eternity-long study of God.”

Advance Praise

“This is a wonderful new book that will equip parents for the task of discipleship and also help children
immerse themselves in the Christian worldview.”
~ R. Albert Mohler, Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“There are many good theologians in the church today, and many teachers who love children. But few are a combination of both like Marty Machowski. I am delighted to commend this engaging resource to help all of us know and worship the God of the Bible!”
~ Justin Taylor, managing editor, ESV Study Bible; coauthor, The Final Days of Jesus

“I love Marty Machowski’s books, and even better, so do my children. The Ology is another beautiful and creative book meant to expose children to the deepest and most important truths. I am reading it with my children and would encourage you to do the same.”
~ Tim Challies, blogger at

About the Author

Marty Machowski is a family life pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, PA, where he has served on the pastoral staff for more than 20 years. As leader of their children’s ministry, Promise Kingdom, he has worked for many years to develop kids’ Bible curriculum and devotional material that connect church and home. His passion is equipping families to understand the Bible as one gospel story and help them share that with their children.

He is the author of the Gospel Story for Kids series, which includes The Gospel Story Bible, Long Story Short, Old Story New and the Gospel Story Curriculum, as well as the Advent devotional and curriculum Prepare Him Room.

Machowski, his wife, Lois, and their six children reside in West Chester, PA.

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