There's a difference between rain or shine and record flooding

After going to the Texas Country Reporter Festival in Waxahachie for years, this year, I was so excited to be going this year as a vendor.

We paid the big booth fee knowing how many people come. Huge for us. We ended up with a white tent, a requirement. Were all set and ready to go.

I even ordered a pair of rain shoes because I hate my feet getting wet. Thankfully it was my within my last week of Amazon Prime so that I could get them right away.

Then came Hurricane Patricia with a big helping of my awful luck. The biggest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere pushed rain right over our area of Texas. As of this morning, Corsicana had gotten 18 inches of rain. It rained all day long yesterday. All night long. Cars were stuck on the interstate highway at 2 PM yesterday and some of them were stuck all night.

Yesterday, the highway was closed and open and closed, then closed both directions north and south of town. We knew we couldn't get up there last night to set up. At 4:30 this morning we were up and talking on the phone. The highways were closed again. We would have to be totally set up by 8:30. There wasn't a chance of getting the 40 miles up the road.

Let me add in here that I was almost asleep at 10:55 PM knowing I had to be up way early when I got a "non-emergency" phone call from the Navarro County Office of Emergency Management about water going through a gate on a dam. I was at that almost asleep point where sudden noise scares the crap out of you. I was trying to calm my heart rate, then for an hour or more I felt every breath I took in and out consciously. I was awake and asleep again numerous times.

The highway has been opened and closed throughout the day today too.

Yes, I realized all along it was rain or shine. They kept saying rain or shine. Yes, I signed the paper acknowledging no refunds. Money was invested on their part, but there was no contingency plan on their end. In my mind, and from what I have seen from 14 other vendors that were not able to make it, there's a difference between rain and flash flood. At least apply our fees towards next year. We're all doubtful.

I can't believe Ellis County or the City of Waxahachie didn't have come kind of logical and reasonable say in the event being cancelled or postponed for safety reasons, even if they didn't get as much rain as we did here. All around there was flooding.

Although I have emails into them and left messages on Facebook, no one is replying over the weekend. I have been obnoxiously tagging them on social media stating that I was unable to travel there through no fault of my own. One time I even used #turnarounddontdrown. I'm pretty sure they may find me so annoying they wouldn't dream of approving my application next year if I decide to apply. I don't truly mean to be, but I'm in public relations, and my job is to try to catch the attention of others. I'm not sure if they have seen my posts or the posts of others, or even care.

It's so disappointing. I had so been looking forward to it. Even if we had been able to get up the road, we wouldn't have been able to keep our product dry all day long. We would have come back with ruined pieces and rusted horseshoe Christmas trees. After this post, I will do my best to stop whining about it.

Speaking of horseshoe Christmas trees. These were the hottest item at last week's show. I need to put the Christmas balls on them and repost pictures.