Better late than never

I FINALLY got all of my stockings made.

Five out of six were close enough to finished to use. Mine was not. I got my stuff in a plastic Target bag.

After all the festivities came to an end, I did finish mine, and got the final white trim at the top finished on Christmas Eve. I finished the last rounds of white on the rest on Christmas night so that Mom could pack them away for next year.

Not too bad for my first Christmas stockings. They have a little more angle at the heel than it looks like they do in the pictures. I think Paige was truly impressed.

In other crafty news, upon opening his cow sign, Brian tells us he has these great syrup barrels (from feeding his cows) that we should get and paint and stencil and sell. So, be on the lookout because we'll have something else to add to our list of items soon. We won't be able to ship these though.

Oh, and when you're bored on Christmas, and you aren't making stuff yet for the spring (I think Dad might give me a week's break), you get out books you've had for a year and cut out the letters you meant to make around last Christmas.

We're looking for more books if anyone is interested in one.