Rolling in the new year

I always want to do something cool for New Year's Eve, but with only one exception ever, that never happens.

You can't go see Maroon 5 on NYE every year.

Angie and I are so boring with our plans that we couldn't even convince ourselves to go shopping after eating lunch. I wanted to go find some sweaters (because what I have are soooooo terribly old), but I didn't.

Then a dramatic, tear-filled afternoon happened. I'll spare you the details.

Thankfully, Kerri and Julie took pity on me and let me in on their plans for a low key evening over at Julie and Sam's. As in watching Hoarders and bringing the New Year in via a game of Farkle. Kerri had to go across the street and get Toby so that he wouldn't freak out from fireworks.

Though low-keyed, it most assuredly beat watching House Hunters International at home by myself all night with a crochet hook in hand like the old woman that I am.

I'm very thankful for my friends getting me out of the house. I need out of the house!