Don't you need something for Christmas?

For weeks on end, my dad has been telling people to check our website because it has everything we have and have done. I keep saying, "or check our Facebook page. I get it updated there more as I go."

Getting the website for The Crafty Dad and Daughter updated has been a dream lately. I've just had too much going on getting one order or a replacement item ready for one show after another. I mean, I'm making this Thursday post on a Monday and back dating it. That's how it's been going, and now I've gotten sick and it's been even worse.

However, I do have everything up to date now, so you can go check it out.

Having stock left coming up on the last event we have planned for the year, I'll share some of my product updates here. Just comment or message me if you see something your interested, and I'll get back with you with more information.

For the woman in your life (mom, wife, sister, friend, teacher, etc.), here are our "jewelry holders" which can just be used for any kind of decoration that you want!


Antique lock plates + knobs that hang on the wall

Most are 3 1/2 inches wide by 12 inches long.
A few of the smaller ones are $15 and are marked as a caption.