The wind is not my friend

Today was another windy day for The Crafty Dad and Daughter, this time in Cedar Hill.

Last week, we came home with items to fix that fell after being blown over by the wind. Today the wind wasn't as bad throughout the day, but the damage was worse. Our big back display fell after I took about half of the items off and beat up the ones that remained. We're going to have to fix way more merchandise than we sold.

I think we're going to have to go back to all inside events. The weather isn't kind to us, and the sun, wind, and rain just mess everything up. Not to mention the fact that the last two weekends have not drawn crowds. I did better the past month on Facebook and Instagram.

Ok. Rant over. At least we got to eat at Babe's afterwards, got some really good deals at Bath & Body Works, a new coloring book at Hobby Lobby and got to use a gift card at Starbucks on the way home!