Was that the race card that just got thrown on #thebachelor #womentellall?

I am really hoping that there are some cat fights tonight on The Bachelor Women Tell All. I really hope it's more interesting than the season has been in general.

We can't even get started on the night without Chris Harrison promising a dramatic conclusion next week between the two women that Ben Higgins said "I love you" to. But, first, it's a tour of Bachelor Nation and video of Chris and Ben crashing watching parties. I need to have a party.

Oh wait, I don't have any friends to have a party.

Joining us for the evening, Lace, Tiara (the chicken enthusiast and her chicken Sheila), Amber, Jami, Izzy, Rachel, Jubilee, Jennifer, Shushanna, Lauren H., Olivia, Leah, Becca, Haley, Emily, Amanda, and Caila. (So 17 of the original 28 - 9 of the rejects didn't show up and 2 are left.)

They talk about first impressions... How great Ben was and how they had to size up the competition. Cue video clips of all the women bad mouthing Lace, then Jubilee, Leah, and Olivia.

Some of the reactions in the picture in a picture from the live show are interesting, such as Olivia grimacing at her Teen Mom comment.

Chris asks if the women were expecting all the drama, and what really set it off. Jennifer is in middle of talking about Olivia when Sheila the chicken squawks and flies over to Lace's lap.

Then, Chris goes to Leah and asks about her throwing Lauren B. under the bus. Leah says it's because Lauren called the women losers for being upset about not getting the date, or something like that. Becca calls her out for lying to her face, and Sheila starts squawking again.

Jubilee talks about being misunderstood. Lauren H. said when there was tension, Jubliee tended to withdraw. Jubilee disagrees saying it was the opposite. Then, Jubilee won't let Amber and Jami talk. Jami said Jubliee tried to make it a thing about being a real black woman in opposition to the bi-racial girls. I never thought Amber and Jami looked alike until they sat next to each other. It may just be because the hair person did their hair alike and they are making the same hate face.

Coming back from the commercial, it's more about the racial comments, and Shushanna comes in to defend Jami and Amber. This is all before Jubilee comes down and takes a spot in the hot seat. She's emotional before it starts because she usually has to defend herself as a controversial person. She's very defensive. Chris starts off by talking about how Ben was falling for her until something went wrong. Cut to clips of Jubilee's "journey" on the show. All the layers of Jubilee as Ben calls them. Being an orphan in Haiti. Her military service. Her jealousy coming out strong. Her comment about someone taking her date so she didn't have to fly in a helicopter. Ben cutting her lose.

Chris asks where it all went wrong. Jubilee talks about her complicated story and opening up to Ben, then how she didn't get the reality, reality part of the show. She admits an over-thinker and that led to her destruction. What's going on for her now? She's a reservist in the army.

Next in the hot seat is Lace. Lace wanting the first kiss so making the first move to get one at the welcome. Remember the whole eye contact thing? Insecure Lace talking about being a lot to handle? Always pulling Ben away? Talking about her tattoo that says, "you can't love yourself until you love yourself" (or something like that), then excusing herself before she got cut out at a rose ceremony.

Evidently, the show made her very self aware. One night she just realized that was it, and she needed to go. Seeing him kiss Becca made it worse. (Random) Chris asks what the tattoo says again. It's then that a guy pops up out of the audience that has Lace's face tattooed on his ribs. He has no other tattoos, so it seems like an odd location. After the gets his picture made with Lace, Harrison invites Lace to Paradise. She accepts.

It's going to get interesting with Olivia in the hot seat. She came out on fire - the first impression rose and everything. Then, we see the many faces, I mean mouths of Olivia. She felt compatibility. She was the front runner. All the women watch the video clips with disdain. Then, there's the montage of all the girls telling Ben how mean she is. "I want to talk smart things." "Intellectual things are my jam." Then, of course, Olivia alone on the beach when Ben couldn't reciprocate her feelings.

Chris asks how tough it was to watch it back. She said she remembered crying after watching the first episode because she couldn't figure out where it went wrong after the first night was so great. Olivia claims she's like Jubilee in that she's hard to get right away. It's hard to look back. She never knew how much was being said about her behind her back. She owns up to many things she did wrong (her words). Her regrets? She apologized about the Teen Mom comment. She said things weren't brought to her like everyone came to Jubilee when there was a problem. Emily claims this was not true.

Amanda calls her out about saying more than just the whole teen mom comment in regards to being a mother. Then the twins tag team on all the perceived bullying while Olivia looks like a deer in the headlights. Chris calls a time out for a commercial.

After the commercial, Chris asks Olivia if she felt ganged up on. She felt like she was trying to mind her own business the whole time. She did ask to take Ben out first many times, but that's how she was prioritizing her relationship. Because everyone else decided to start stealing him first after that, Olivia thinks she probably ended up with last time.

Jennifer speaks up and says that if Olivia tried to get to know anyone, they would find out that others liked to talk about "smart things" too. The twins go after her again. Amanda stares at her, giving her the look of death. Olivia says that she's an introvert, so the setting was horrible for her. It reminded her of elementary school when she was bullied. Izzy (I don't even remember her!) says that if she was bullied, she would have learned from the experience and acted differently. Olivia says that as a strong, confident, independent woman it hurt for them to make fun of her breath and toes. It's been so difficult for her that she's given her sister her social media accounts. "We all judge, but no one really knows us really... The mouth stuff is funny, at least some of it, but... There's no way of knowing how to do this." She then apologizes to Amanda. It's the most sincere I've ever seen her.

On Twitter, a lot of people feel bad for her now. I admit to tweeting some mean things about her too. It doesn't make it right, but you have to expect people to react to you when you put yourself on a show like this.

Next to the hot seat is Caila and all the video of the greatness that was their relationship until last week. Ben really being into her for the longest time... Caila falling in love with Ben... Ben not being able to say "I love you" back to her. Going off in the limo in tears, "I was ready to be his wife. I was ready for our future."

Chris rubs it in about how she was finally able to give her heart until the end when she went to surprise him and got crushed. Of course, "it must have been hard to watch." She still has feelings for him, you can tell. It's hard for her to watch him with Lauren and JoJo now. Chris presses on about her watching Ben say "I love you" to the other two. She isn't exactly looking forward to seeing him again.

"It's time to bring out the most popular bachelor in history." Ben is a little nervous about facing all the women. He notices Sheila.

Right off the bat, Chris asks him about telling two women that he loves them. He never expected that was where his heart would go. He had to compartmentalize each relationship, and it just happened.

Chris asks if he has anything to tell Caila before speaking to any of the other women. They talk a little bit. It's a little blah, blah, blah.

Leah then asks him about how he said that he compartmentalized every relationship, but how he addressed things when she brought up Lauren. I really don't see how the two comments fit. I don't know that anyone is communicating well anymore.

Jubilee calls him on how he reacted to her vs. how he reacted to Caila when they each opened up (or didn't). Jubilee says that he put the blame on her when they didn't work out. Ben defends himself by saying he was to blame when things didn't work out too, but they all just didn't work out.

Chris gives the other women a chance to speak up. Olivia says she gets it now from watching back, but she still would have appreciated a one-on-one date.

Amanda gets a chance to talk, but her voice is gone. Ben asks about the kids. Watching back, she sees how emotional was when she left which meant a lot to her. She has nothing but kind words to say.

Becca said that even though it didn't work out, it was good for her to see that there are guys like him out there. Other women confirm that and tell him not to ruin it in the end for the rest of them.

Basically, he says he will try not to, and Ben comments, "I would marry that woman tomorrow if I could." Chris wants to hold him to it. 

To lighten the mood, Chris asks Ben if he can correctly identify the twins. Then, the blooper reel. Lots of bugs, wine and animals.

We close the evening with a preview of "next week's dramatic conclusion." Will it be Lauren or will it be JoJo?